Soul Relationships

Thanks to Boys Over Flowers I have been inspired to write a blog after quite a while.  A question was posed in the series (which I won’t come right out and say because I don’t want to toss out a spoiler), that got me thinking about soul relationships.  I have most likely written a similar post in the past, but perhaps my thoughts on the meanings have changed.  Perhaps I have some new insight on the topic.  Here goes.

Soulmate and twin soul (aka twin flame) are terms that tend to be used interchangeably.  Different people have have different understandings of what those terms mean.  My current perception is that a soulmate is a person whom you are meant to go through life with that balances you.  This person is paired with you because you help each other grow.  You challenge and support each other.  You make sense together.  If you are salt, your soulmate is pepper.  You may not always understand each other, but such is what forces you to see things from another’s view.  You likely test each other’s patience because of this.

A twin soul is as literal as it sounds.  Twin souls come from the same soul embryo.  They were created together and share the ultimate twin bond.  Your twin soul is someone you can’t hide your feelings from no matter how skilled you are at masking your emotions.  They will “hear the emergency bell in your heart”, to quote a line from the aforementioned show.  Your soul will feel like it recognizes this person from the moment you meet.  You will understand each other to the point that words are often not needed.  This person will feel like the harbor you dock into when storms are raging.  A soulmate can be your harbor too, but the twin soul is a harbor even when the soulmate is a part of the storm.   My belief is that neither a soulmate or a twin soul is necessarily a romantic partner.  Both terms conjure up the notion that this is someone you should wed.  This may actually be the case many times, but a soulmate or twin soul could instead be a close friend or family member.

Another soul connection is that termed as “kindred spirits”.  I feel like this term is misleading in it’s use because these people are not necessarily part of one’s soul family.  So for the sake of this post, I am going to change the terminology to “alike spirits”.  These are the people you fit in with.  They are people who share your passions and principles.  These tend to be the people you form cliques with.

Soul family is used to describe people who have a tendency to reincarnate in each other’s lives.  You will likely feel an instant sense of familiarity with them.  An example of this would be a sister who has always felt like a mother to you, and you believe she was probably your mother in a past life.  Another example would be befriending a guy who quickly seems just like a brother to you so you suspect he was your brother in a past life.  These souls may not all be together in every lifetime, but the bond remains.

I’d like to add that I suspect one person can have more than one type of soul relationship with you.  A twin soul could become a soulmate.  A soul family member could easily be an alike spirit.  A twin soul is very likely to be an alike spirit.

I think this sums up my thoughts on the topic pretty well.

Blessed be, y’all.



Accidental “Projection”

This morning I had what I will call an accidental astral projection experience.  That being said, I find it perfectly likely that astral projection is a form of lucid dream.  That doesn’t mean it can’t be a spiritual experience.  This experience was not particularly spiritual though.  Just random.

I can tell it happened because of my sleep circumstances.  Much like in a type of lucid dream induction method, my sleep was interrupted for a while.  I was up after a few hours of sleep due to allergies.  I went to the couch to watch YouTube for a while (on autoplay) and eventually fell back asleep around 4 hours after waking up.  While I was sleeping a loud interuptive sound started playing repeatedly as part of the music in a video.  It was very annoying and ‘woke’ me up.  I reached for the remote and tried turning the volume down with my eyes closed, but the volume button didn’t seem to be getting the job done.  I think I may have realized I was not really holding the remote and started grabbing for it again with the same results.  I seem to realize that I might be projecting but wasn’t sure.  I stumbled to the tv with my “eyes” mostly closed and felt for the off button on the tv.  I believe I found it and pushed it yet the sound continued.  I felt upward on the tv (an older model, box-like big screen tv) and I felt the glass.  I was amazed somewhat at how real it felt since I really realized at that point that I was not really touching the tv.  I woke up for real not long after.  I turned the volume down and went back to sleep.  Hours later after waking up for the day I realized that the tv I felt was the tv that was used until a couple of months ago.  It has been replaced with a smaller flat screen tv.  Some might suspect the old tv is still where it was in the astral.  Then again, maybe in my sleepy state I just believed the old tv was still there and that is why I felt that tv.  I lean toward the second.  I believe I tried to walk though the tv, but that was a no-go.

That’s all for this share.  Blessed be, y’all.

Checking in

Hello, lovely readers. I know it’s been a while since I have posted. Lately I’ve been in a bit of a slow phase in terms of spiritual development. I have not had a particularly noticeable wisdom gain over the past few months. My psychic development went rather hush which was frustrating. I am not saying that the psychic development is back full speed ahead, but I do at least seem to have let go of some of the frustration. I hope you have all been doing well. Blessed be.

The Vampire Feedbag

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This post is going to be about energy vampires (or emotional vampires).  Last night somebody vented to me about emotional tyranny that was going on in their household.  Today I came across some videos explaining a bit about energy vampires and how to deal with them.  This all got me thinking about the topic, and now I feel inspired to share.

What is an energy/emotional vampire?

This is a person who feeds on the energy and emotions of others.  This behavior could be intentional or unintentional.  Many times an energy vampire may not even realize what he or she is doing.  Typically this behavior has harmful effects on those around the person “feeding”, but it can also negatively effect the person feeding.

What are signs of an energy vampire?

Signs of an energy vampire can include:

  • Narcissism
  • Egocentric attitude
  • Regular (as in often occurring) passive aggressiveness
  • Consistent anger
  • A love of arguing and desire to get in people’s faces
  • Drama creation
  • Insecurity (which can come through as jealousy or envy)
  • People in their lives tend to “walk on eggshells” to avoid setting them off.
  • Complains far more than the average person.
  • May have a victim mentality even if he or she is victimizing others
  • Consistently leaves others feeling drained or overextended
  • Likely to take advantage of unaware empaths

What causes somebody become an energy vampire?

I am by no means an expert on the subject, but one reason for this was explained to me as the victim becoming the victimizer.  A person can be warped by their frustration and exhaustion that is caused by dealing with an energy vampire.  This in turn can cause somebody to become an energy vampire.  This could be as dramatic as a person snapping at others because they were snapped at, or as subtle as a person extensively complaining to others about the drama they endure so that the effects of personal drama are passed to others.  (Side note:  I am not saying that one should never vent.  Sometimes people need to unload all the bullshit that has been weighing on them.  However, one must try to avoid unloading too much on others.  We need to be aware of others so that we do not unload our stress onto someone who can’t handle it.  Don’t break another’s back with a straw that was weighing you down.)

I can think of a couple other reasons I suspect people become energy vampires.  Those reasons are to fill a void and to feel important.   If a person feels something is missing from themselves, they might start looking for the missing piece in other people.  A man might say “I don’t know how to be happy” and then seek to correct that by relying on others to make him happy.  A person who feels unimportant might take to attention-grabbing antics in order to feel important.  If a woman constantly creates situations that place her in the middle of drama, there is a good chance that she feels this validates her importance.  “The focus is on me because I matter.”

It likely boils down to a person becoming an energy vampire because of a failure to address harmful mental”wiring” and properly tend to emotional wounds.

What are the effects of energy/emotional vampirism?  

The most recognized effect is the exhaustion of those being drained.  This could be emotional and physical exhaustion.  Some people might try to tip-toe around the vamp so much that their efforts to avoid being drained by emotional flare-ups can be exhausting.  Self-care is neglected in favor of giving too much.  Compromise becomes an unfamiliar concept.  There isn’t much if any “agreeing to disagree”.  Relationships become tainted for both the feeders and the drained.  How are the vampires negatively effected by their own behavior?  They increase the chances of pushing others away when valuable relationships could be developed.  Other people may be afraid to be honest with them, thus emotional vampires may struggle to differentiate between what is true and false.  A sort of addiction is going on in order to “medicate” personal problems in a way that temporarily eases symptoms but gives no cure.  Satisfaction might seem unachievable for both parties.

Don’t be a martyr for a vampire.

The vampire feedbag is rather often going to be a person willing to let long-term manipulation take place.  Unaware empaths seem to be especially vulnerable to this form of abuse because of the deep compassion they feel for the wounded person.  They stick around enduring bad behavior because they ache with the abuser and want to help the energy vampire heal.   “I need to keep giving him what he wants and taking the blame because that helps him feel better.”  Self-sacrifice isn’t always heroic.  Sometimes it is just putting a bandage over an infected wound.  

How do I break the cycle of feeding?

This depends on if you are the energy-sucker or the drained.  If you realize you are an energy vampire (or becoming one), you need to take a good look at yourself.  You need give tough love to yourself.  Be honest with yourself that you need to cut out the bullshit, and compassionate enough with yourself that you allow your wounds to heal instead of tearing more holes into yourself.  Be mindful of when you are acting out and feeding off attention.  Find healthy ways to deal with your issues without negatively influencing others.

If you are being fed from, you need to set boundaries.  “I love you, but you are not allowed to drag me down with you.”  You must accept responsibility for your role in it if you chose to let the feeding take place.  You can’t place all the blame for your exhaustion on the other player if you chose to play the game.  You need to become aware of when you are being manipulated so that you can stand your ground.  You should try to stand your ground in a way that is not overly reactive.  Being too reactive “feeds the beast”.  Finally, come to terms with the fact that you are not solely responsible for the happiness of another.  You can influence the well-being of others, but they decide whether to work with you or work you.  Each adult individual needs to take some responsibility for their own well-being.  Don’t give until you have nothing left for yourself.

Blessed be, y’all.


P.S.  For those who wondered, I got some of my information about energy vampires from a YouTube channel called Zen Rose Garden.


Thoughts on Gratitude Guilting

I suspect some of those reading this have witnessed gratitude guilting.  For those who may not be sure what I am referring to, gratitude guilting is what I am calling the behavior when someone tries to win praise by guilting others for not seeming grateful enough.  This can take form as passive aggressive comments, whining, or direct shaming.  Some examples are (when directed at others):

“Why do I help anyone when I get so little thanks?”

“Liking something is not as good as commenting, have you know.”

“Why do I bother putting so much effort into my appearance when nobody bothers to tell me I look great?”

It is probably safe to give hard-working parents a free pass for doing this from time to time.  Cleaning up all that poop and dirty laundry while dealing with snarky little attitudes can be stressful.  Thus it is perfectly understandable to shout out “It sure would be nice to hear a thank you!” occasionally while in a state of highly-frustrated parental melt-down.

Let’s be honest though; many times we are helping ourselves while we help others.  It isn’t fair to gratitude guilt somebody when you are helping yourself too.  You don’t only wash the dishes for the sake of your housemates.  Chances are you don’t want a dirty kitchen or a roach infestation.  Also, you want some clean dishes for your next meal.

As a blogger, I know that my blog is for me even though I do hope to provide some insight and entertainment for others.  It feels great to read a comment in which somebody expresses appreciation for something I have written.  However, I know that comments gained by gratitude guilting would likely be insincere.  I don’t want to force gratitude on anybody.  That sucks the joy out of things.  Plus, I just don’t have that strong of a need for gratitude.  It’s nice, but it isn’t oxygen.  It makes me wonder about a person’s well-being if they are willing to shame somebody to get validation.

It seems particularly petty to me for a person to get nitpicky about the form of gratitude they receive.  People show appreciation in different ways.  A person showing appreciation differently than you do does not invalidate their expression.  Perhaps your co-worker brings you a cup of coffee as thanks for helping him catch up on paper work instead of saying the words “Thank you.”  Perhaps your husband brings you your favorite take-out because he is well aware the kids have been running you ragged.  (A  burrito can be every bit as romantic as a rose if you consider the reason for it.)  Perhaps your group members or social media followers give you ‘likes’ instead of commenting about how brilliant you are.  Appreciation shown is lovely in many forms.  You are missing out if you only recognize it being shown your way.

I suppose I have made my thoughts on the topic clear enough.  This was essentially a way for me to vent in a thought-out manner.  Feel free to let me know if you agree.  I would be interested to read examples that you have witnessed.

Heirloom and Approval


I frequently stay with my grandmother.  She gets lonely since my grandfather passed away almost four years ago, and we enjoy each other’s company.  I have went through her jewelry several times while there over the years for various reasons such as untangling chains and getting replacement earring backings.  The other day I was there and noticed a heart pendant in one of the jewelry drawers.  I don’t seem to recall seeing it previously, or at least I didn’t much note it.  I picked it up and examined it to see if it were costume jewelry or had a silver stamp on it.  I found I teeeeeny tiny engraving on the back of the bail but could not make out what it stated even with a magnifying glass.  As I was holding it and trying to figure out what the stamp was, I felt more and more attached to it.  I walked with it to my grandmother holding the pendant.  She wasn’t sure if it was silver, plated, or what have you.  However, she informed me it had been a gift to her mother-in-law (my great grandmother) from her and my grandfather.  My grandmother doesn’t wear it, but had held onto it since my great grandmother’s passing in circa 1989.  I don’t recall my grandfather’s mom because I was a wee babe when she passed.  My grandmother assumes I did meet her since she lived closed by, but didn’t seem to really recall me with her.

I found myself really wanting to keep this pendant.  I had this desire fixed in me, and slipped it onto the chain I was wearing to wear around my grandmother while she thought about whether or not I could have it.  She wasn’t sure she wanted to give it to me at first since she thought it might be unfair to other people in the family, but I figured they didn’t care too much since it had just been sitting in a drawer for three decades with presumably nobody asking about it.  She ended up giving it to me the next night.  That night/morning I ended up having a dream that I was walking along the road with my grandfather.  He had been unable to walk for some years before his passing.  It was so wonderful to see him walking around with ease and be in his company.  I wouldn’t necessarily say this felt/seemed like a spirit visit dream, but I do wonder if this was perhaps a way for my grandfather to show me he approved of me having his mother’s pendant.  I polished tarnish off of it today and put it on a chain.  I am wearing it around my neck, and I am thankful to have this piece of jewelry that was gifted with love to an ancesteral matriarch I didn’t get the chance to know.

Blessed be, y’all.

The Skeptic Response

I’m watching a program about America’s psychic past. A man at the beginning of the program who is skeptical states that if the paranormal were real there would have been much more evidence gained to support it over the past hundred years. My instant response to that was that if the paranormal were easy to prove then it would be normal instead of paranormal. The essence of his dilemma was a contradiction within his own wording. That is like saying you don’t believe in miracles because you have not seen enough of them. That is fine if you admit you are a “seeing is believing” person, but the word miracle would not have such a tone of awe if crying statues and sudden healings were commonplace.

An Experiment

I regularly deal with a lack of energy, and I am prone to migraines. My recent dream about “The Antidote” told me the name of my higher self which sounded a lot like “Iodine” to me. I thought that was odd. I figured I’d misheard and decided it was a similar sounding name instead. Now I suspect my higher self was hinting to me that I have an iodine defiency. Such a deficiency can apparently lead to the aforementioned conditions. Thus I am going to start making sure I have iodine in my diet by means of cranberry juice, eggs, tuna, etc. Hopefully I will see a reduction of fatigue and migraines as time goes by. 🙂

The Water Wall


Once again I found myself lucid in a dream with the ocean.  Things were different this time though.  I apparently was lucid while the dream scene was changing.  I walked into a house and the rooms progressively got more beachy as I walked through.  When I walked out onto the porch I could tell there was the ocean to my right without looking directly at it.  So I turned my head to look away but could also peripherally see that there was ocean water to my left.  I could see the water start to rise high.

I prepared myself for this possibility before I went onto the porch.  I decided that I would ask Jesus to protect me in the event that this turned out to be another tsunami dream.  Running, shutting myself away in a building, trying to control the water, asking a dream guide to tell me why; those actions just were not helping to erase the fear out of these dreams and stop them.  So this time I decided I was going to stay in place and ask Jesus for help.  I sat on a porch chair and closed my eyes or just honed into my prayer so much that it blurred the visual around me.  I repeated several times to Jesus that I trust Him to protect me and keep me free from pain.  After some time I felt it was safe to look again.  I looked over to my right and saw that the wave had paused and was standing as a wall of water.  I think there were swirls of water or light across the surface, but the wave was stopped from gaining momentum and crashing ashore.

I felt I was perhaps supposed to walk into the wall of water.  I did so somewhat cautiously.  I stuck a hand out into the water first and could feel a hand reach for mind.  I momentarily was startled by the feeling of something protruding from the hand reaching out.  I wondered for a second if this hand hand claws.  The hesitation quickly passed as I was in a space of trusting Jesus.  When I crossed the wall, I saw that I was apparently in a hospital and the hand that pulled me through belonged to a bald woman wearing a hospital gown.  She was Caucasian and probably in her 20s or 30s.  I think she had blue eyes.  What I felt protruding from her hand was IV equipment.  I suspect she was a cancer patient.  She looked right at me as if she wanted or needed to share something with me, or at least like she was really seeing me.  I suspect she would have told me something if the dream didn’t end very shortly after going through the water.  I’m not entirely sure if I briefly woke up or the dream just ended.

It was a relief that the tsunami was stopped in this dream.  It is great relief that I thank Jesus and the Divine Parents for.  I really don’t what to make of the sickly woman pulling me through into a hospital.  I could theorize, but I’m not sure.