The Discount Store and The String Instrument

I dreamt I walked into a bargain store holding my pillow. (I used to carry my pillow around as a little kid.) I was greeted by a woman who recognized me from when I was little. Apparently she had been a family friend. She was the owner and or manager of the store. From what I recall, she was probably in her 50s or 60s, had tanned skin, brown hair, seemingly brown eyes, and possibly a braid in her hair. She was likely Native American. The women handed be a hand mirror (the kind with a handle) that had my first and last name scratched into the glass with child’s handwriting. It was a memento from my youth that she had held onto. She seemed glad to see me, but I believe didn’t say much or possibly anything. She walked away to let me explore the store, and I left my pillow on a table beside of the mirror up front. I then walked toward the back of the store. My former best friend (for around 15 years) was there. She was obviously someone who was a frequent shopper there and had it’s inventory memorized about like she worked there. She seemed to love the place. I asked her about the location of crystals and cage pendants. She showed me where they were in side by side aisles. I looked but didn’t find any that satisfied me. I started walking toward the front of the store again, and about half way up I noticed a middle of the aisle display of cheap string instruments. First I picked up a small guitar (like toy size) for $5. It didn’t sound bad for $5, but I put it down and picked up an instrument that was labeled as a vetrum. It was designed with an aqua color palette that gave it a beachy look. I might recall that it had some glitter and ribbon (or glittery ribbon) on it. It had a neck basically like that of a guitar, but the bottom of it was like and elongated triangle with the top corner cut off. There was no hole built into it from what I recall. I really liked the way it sounded. In the dream I thought it might be an Indian instrument. It was $35. Then I picked up a regular size acoustic for I believe the same price. Around that time my former bestie (who seemed to still be a good friend in the dream), approached me. She noticed I was interested in the instruments. She heard me strum the acoustic a little and agreed with me that the vetrum sounded better. I was thinking about getting it, but I think I might have been away that I didn’t have quite enough spending money for it. I think she mentioned something about her being a store member and members getting a discount. I was wanting to make it mine and learn to play it. Then I woke up. It seemed relevant for some reason, so I decided to record it in blog (obviously). I quickly Googled after waking up. I saw no instrument called a vetrum. Apparently it is the plural form of “you” in Latin. In old Norse language vetrum is a plural form of winter (winters).

I don’t know what the message of this dream is, but hopefully I will figure it out.

Update: It seems the instrument was a lute.


The Trolling Trap

I went into one of the several spiritual groups I am a member of on facebook.  In it, a woman had asked a question seeking people’s personal opinions.  Another group member took it upon himself to make an angry face emoji at several consecutive answers and then spill some dribble about allegedly why everybody was wrong except for him.  There were some ladies (one in particular) arguing with him.  I started to point out that people were arguing with a troll, but I stopped myself because I didn’t want to fall into the trolling trap.  For the handful of people who don’t know, trolling is when somebody intentionally starts drama hoping to get reactions from people.   There are many trolls who tread the web looking for people to scratch their figurative itches.  They exist off of the internet as well, but we tend to think of them as energy vampires or drama-starters in our personal lives.  The key to dealing with trolls is not to fan the fires they ignite.  They want you to call them out.  They want you to feel the need to defend yourself to them.  It makes them feel important.  After all, you are giving your time and energy to them.  Generally speaking, you are better off ignoring them as best as you can.  If they refuse to be ignored, then you can report them to a person equipped to handle them (such as site admins or law enforcement if an extreme case arises).

I realize that there are many people reading this who are well aware of what I am saying.  However, I find that even those who are aware can fall into the troll’s trap if not mindful.  Please be mindful and step away from the trolls.  Blessed be y’all.

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This is more of a personal note for me to reference later, but I am open to opinions on the matter.  I think I might have to look into Patreon at some point.  It would be fantastic to actually make a living as a blogger without having thousands of followers to get ad revenue.  Of course I would need to figure out how income tax works with Patreon.  I currently do not know how to file that or how much I would have to earn before bothering to file income from that source.  I would also need to gain more WordPress followers.  I don’t want to make my blog about numbers, but I would probably need at least twice the number of subscribers I have now in order to connect with enough possible Patreon supporters.

I don’t feel comfortable with the idea of giving exclusive information to people who donate money.  I want people to be able to access the information I share for free unless they simply wish to contribute monetarily.  I suppose I could offer tarot readings or answer questions for contributors.

This is all just conjecture at this point.  Something to ponder.  If any of my readers actually would be interested if I started a Patreon account, please let me know.

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The Witch’s Book

Us witches are often given the idea we need a Book of Shadows or Grimoire.  The difference between the two seems to be that a Book of Shadows is meant solely for the witch creating it, whereas a grimoire is less personal and can be shared with other witches such as family members or coven mates.  Whichever type of witchy book one chooses, I think many of us set ourselves up for failure when it comes time to put the book together.

I think many of us see awesome, leather-bound beauties of witchy books (like the grimoire in Charmed) and set out to have our own similar book.  Thus we invest in a fancy journal to start our own B.O.S. or grimoire.  However, the journal is so nice we hesitate before writing in it.  It seems like fancy journals should be for elegantly-written words and well-drawn pictures.  Sure, you want to make a note of that epic spiritual dream you just had.  However, you don’t want to chicken scratch it into your $40 B.O.S.  You don’t want to spend two hours writing it out in impressive cursive either.  You end up not bothering to write it in your B.O.S.  Is that relatable?

There are alternatives that make keeping a Book of Shadows or Grimoire better suited to our needs.  This blog has essentially served such a purpose for me.  I don’t have to worry about handwriting while I am typing.  If you don’t want to keep a blog, you can keep a Word document saved on your computer or get an online private journal.  Another option is to get a cheap notebook so you don’t worry so much about the contents looking a little sloppy.  I have recently acquired a composition book from Dollar Tree in order to record spiritual studies.  Note that I didn’t label it “Book of Shadows” because I prefer to approach it from a student perspective in this case.  Thinking of your witchy book as a spiritual notebook or journal might also help you relax enough to fill the pages.


I hope this helps some witches out.  Blessed be, y’all.

The Teacher


I have been learning about mediumship from a man with a mission to help other developing mediums.  He uses an online platform to answer questions and teach from his perspective.  He has directly provided helpful insight on the subject of mediumship, but has also provided personal insight for me based on the annoyance I sometimes feel toward him.  I find some of his messages and what he is doing for the mediumship community to be rather nice.  However, sometimes I disagree with what he is teaching, and I get irritated by his occasional know-it-all vibe.

The contradictory feelings I have toward him present a  lesson;  I can still learn from a teacher who triggers me.  I suppose you could say I can learn more from a teacher who occasionally triggers me.  This is because that person can simultaneously teach me about the chosen topic while holding a mirror to me so that I can interpret the cause of my reactiveness.  I think this lesson applies to more people than just myself.

What has been reflected to me?

  • I am not somebody who nods to teachings simply because an expert or guru presents them.  I appreciate this aspect of my personality.
  • I have a problem with people presenting their personal beliefs in a way that makes those beliefs seem like irrefutable facts.  Thinking about it, I might sometimes seem to be one of those people to those reading my blogs.  I certainly don’t want to be perceived as a know-it-all.  Thus, knowing that I am merely presenting things from my perspective, I should consider that it is possible I can misunderstand others when they are trying to do the same.
  • I worry to some degree about others (even strangers) getting themselves into trouble by following guidance that I think is wrong.  It is good that I have concern for others, however I know I have to accept that their paths are their own to walk even if I see things that could cause them to trip.  People have to be able to see things for themselves.  Sometimes an unpleasant experience is what is needed to open one’s eyes.
  • I am not guilt-free in the human flaw to have an attitude about those who think differently than me.  I am generally pretty open-minded.  However, sometimes I falter in an egocentric fashion.  Sometimes I need to remind myself that a person disagreeing with me does not necessarily mean that person is wrong.

That’s all for this post.  Blessed be, y’all.

Spring Snow

We had snow on April 2 in North Carolina. That is certainly unusual. The fact that the temperature is supposed to be 70 something degrees Fahrenheit in a few days makes it even weirder. I just had little lavender seedlings pop up, and they have needed to be covered for a few nights because of the temperature drop.

I have gone a little plant crazy lately. Not much is growing outside yet, but I am satiating myself with houseplants. By the time summer comes around I might have 20 of them (many being small plants that sit on a window sill). It gets too hot and humid to spend more than a couple of minutes at a time outside gardening in the summer, thus indoor gardening seems a better idea once July comes around. I am attempting to grow thyme & lavender in containers both indoors and outdoors though for good measure. Hopefully I am successful with them. Thyme is one of my favorite herbs for seasoning meat and potatoes. It is also good in a broth to help aid respiratory comfort. The lavender I aim to grow more for magickal purposes.

I suppose that is all for now. Blessed be, y’all.


Spring is getting near y’all.  This perks me up because I am a springtime gal.  I love it.  I love opening my window to let in fresh rain-moistened air that is at a comfortable temperature.  I love seeing and hearing the birds.  I love hearing the harmonious clanking of my wind chimes, and I love the blossoming greenery.


Already I can see hints of the upcoming season.  There are wee baby mint leaves popping up in the garden bed, and there a a few buds forming on the hydrangea bush.  The high temperatures in the 60s are also nice.  Ostara is one of my favorite days of the year.  It is perhaps my favorite holiday.  My celebration of it is a simple one.  I make sure there are Spring decorative touches in my room, leave the window open, and work on my plants.  All of this is done with a joyful appreciation for the beauty of nature.  Of course I am also a fan of Beltane.

That is all for now.  Blessed be, y’all.

Chakras Dream

Last night I put some effort into directing my consciousness into having a lucid dream of a spiritual nature.  I didn’t get too specific with it,  but I read from a lucid dream book and put a little dream mojo bag of crystals under my pillow.  I also remember looking up free mediumship development resources online before bed.  I recall one of the resources that I didn’t pay much focus to was about chakras.  I ended up having a pretty interesting dream experience with some low-level lucidity.

I dreamt that I met my chakras in human form.  I didn’t formally meet all of them, but they were there in a room with me.  Some were male and some were female.  They had different personalities and appearances.  There ages seemed to be from maybe around 17-37 in appearance.  There also seemed to be more than then typical 7 (granted I have considered the higher heart chakra to be a part of the system for a while).  The Core Star chakra and seemingly the Soul Star chakra were also present.  The Soul Star Chakra was not originally in the room though.  I will get to that detail more later.

Anyway, I was sitting down talking with one of the male chakras on what I think might have been a kitchen floor.  I believe he represented the heart chakra.  I do not recall what we were talking about, but I figure he was informing me that all the people in the room were my chakras.  Suddenly I felt my root chakra vibrate and then it broke free and ran away from me.  She (the root chakra was female) tried to get away and hide in plain sight among other people at another location, but I tracked her down.  I think the throat chakra and maybe some of the others ran after her with me.  When I asked why she ran away she said something along the lines of she was afraid of me embracing darkness.  I explained to her essentially that “Human beings are not perfect.  We all have darkness in us.  Ignoring that will not do any good.  We gain awareness and control of our darkness when we accept it.”  She seemed to think this made enough sense, and thus she returned back to the kitchen (a seemingly random dream generated kitchen) where we started.  When all of the represented in-body chakras were back in the room, they began arguing.  I told them I was going to have to get some selenite to put on them.  They responded be immediately ceasing to argue and forming a straight light at attention facing me.  (Facing as in lining up for a military inspection, not like they were lined up to get an autograph.)  I found that amusing.

At some point we went outside and there was a threat.  There might have been snarling wolves, but I am not certain.  I decided to take that opportunity to show my chakras how accepting one’s darkness can be beneficial.  I did no harm.  However, I focused to significantly expand my shadow.  It stretched out to intimidate the threat similarly to an owl stretching its wings to make itself larger.  I could feel an exhilarating increase of power like a change in the air as my shadow stretched larger and larger.  I grinned with satisfaction because I scared the enemy away and offered confirmation to my chakras standing behind me.  I believe it was after that we all went to a high and wide staircase.  I think it was made of polished white marble (or another stone) similar to what one sees as the stairway to Heaven in movies.  Standing on the staircase was a pretty blonde woman with I believe a curly updo and a ball gown.  I suspect she represented the Soul Star chakra because it is the one directly above the crown chakra.

In retrospect this dream kind of reminds me of the movie Inside Out.  I hope I dream about my chakra family again because it was a pretty awesome experience.


The Coin Method

An idea for a lucid dreaming method came to me while I was resting in bed today.  I’m not sure when I will get around to trying it since lucid dreaming has not been a priority for me lately.  However, I want to share it in case a reader wants to give it a try.

You will need a coin (or several coins) to be kept on you or where they will be visible in your surroundings.  You will also need a cup, bowl, or coin bank to serve as a small wishing well.  Everyday you want to mindfully make a wish about what you want to dream about and then put a coin in the well.  You can empty the well regularly in order to recycle the coins.  To increase the chances of the process working, you might want to make a wish with the coin multiple times each day.  This is when a quick reality check can be done to make sure you are awake.  If you are awake, obviously a wish about a purple dragon flying overhead is not going to come true.  However, things might be different after you have worked this habit of wishing and checking into your subconscious for lucid dreaming.

Ideally, you will see a coin in your dream.  When you do, you know to make a wish and put the coin in the well.  The well could appear as the same object you use in your physical reality.  It could appear slightly altered, or it could take on a different form all together.  Your dreamscape might hold a full-size, literal wishing well or a water fountain.  If the well is altered, that becomes your first sign you are dreaming.  The main goal of this process is for the dream wish to come true in the dreamscape after depositing the coin.

A tip:  Make a list of dream experiences you would like to have.  Prioritize them and then focus on one at a time.  For example, if you want to dream about riding horses in an open field, make that your wish each time until that dream manifests for you.  That way you don’t get confused about what to wish for when you are in the dream.

Please let me know if this method works for you.  Blessed be, y’all.  🙂


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