I was raised casually Christian. I was not raised to give my God offerings. Lately as a Christo-pagan giving offerings has become a part of my practice.

Why give offerings? They are a sign of respect, devotion, and gratitude.

What can I offer? Although some deities might like grand, expensive offerings, I find they are not necessary in my practice. If a deity wants to work with you, I believe they will accept offerings from what you can give them. You can figure out what offerings to leave through research and/or meditation. Ideas might even just pop into your mind as a deity’s way of telling you what offering to give. Some ideas for offerings you might want to meditate on are crystals, incense, candles, honey, flowers, herbs, coffee or tea, fresh fruit, wine, and perhaps even song if you fancy yourself a musician.

Where do you leave the offering? I leave the offerings on my altars. If you do not have an altar maybe you leave the offering on your kitchen table or outside in nature, depending on what you believe that deity would prefer.

What do I do with consumable offerings once they begin to perish? Meditate on it to see if you are supposed to keep them on the altar that long first. Some deities might allow you to consume the offering after a period of time, like if you make a pie in a deity’s honor they might allow you to eat it after you have left it for them for a full day. Some deities might want you to take the offering outside once it as served it’s purpose, pouring it out or composting it. Some might even allow you to simply throw it in the trash once it is no longer good.

When do I leave an offering? Whenever you feel like it or you seem called to do so.

Blessed be, y’all.


I have not given an update in a while. I am doing well. I have been doing a lot of introspective reflection these months. Have you all been doing the same in these Winter months?

I admit I don’t have anything interesting to confess or any lessons to leave in this post. I just wanted to let you all know I’m still kicking. I hope to have some inspiration for more posts soon.

Blessed be, y’all.

Pick Up The Phone

I felt inspired, or called, to write this.  I put careful thought into what was being said, and hope I have conveyed the message in a fruitful manner.  I feel I have the support of The Divine in sharing this as I feel it was channeled from my Higher Self and the Divine.  

Some of you are waking up now.  Some of you have been yawning and stretching so to speak in the process for a while now, but now you are really waking up.  You have been getting signs.  You have been seeing the signs roll through your dreams, not fully aware of how to comprehend what you are seeing.  You are experiencing waves of emotion; perhaps you don’t even fully understand the cause of these waves.  Children of God (or Peace, or The Universe, or Love, however you want to think of yourselves, be lightworkers or kind people) are waking up to strongly realizing change that is occurring on a mass scale.  Not just the obvious changes displayed in the media, but change among ourselves, within ourselves.    Some literal doors were shut so that other kinds of doors could be open.  The doors being flung open make ways for the passage of truth.   We are being called.  Some of us in our beds at night through dreamwork.   Some of us are experiencing a ringing in our ears that isn’t presenting from the physical world.  They calls we are receiving, which we are beginning to understand.  These calls started long ago in many of us, through hushed tones in our subconscious minds.  You may have felt something was “off” but didn’t know what.   Maybe you had a nagging feeling that there was something you needed to be doing or you needed to prepare for, even if you were not sure what that something was.  You may have experienced a longing to learn that caused you dive into your books and articles with a hunger for knowledge like you have never before known.   You leapt into your online communities begging for answers to your questions.  You prayed, you meditated, you lit candles, you grounded, you reached to the Heavens grasping at stars and did whatever else you could to try to answer these callings, to try to understand them.  The wool is coming off our eyes now.  It has been heavy upon many of us, and now we are going to be able to see.   We are also going to be able to FEEL.  That will be horrifying for some; to feel for others, to even acknowledge their own pains that they have been too proud to admit.  But as they sit in their homes to avoid getting sick, they will have the time they need to think, to notice, to realize what they were not willing or ready to face before.  In many cases that will be THEMSELVES.  We cannot become our best selves if we can’t be true to ourselves.  Now look at the roles being noticed in humanity as the streets have become quieter and the cries have seemingly become louder.  (In truth, the cries were already thunderous but being ignored with chaotic busy work.)  The people are now really noticing their doctors and other healthcare workers.  People are making masks and giving words of encouragement to try to lend them support.  Other people who were considered small cogs in a machine are now being recognized as essential members of society as they risk their health to make sure others get what they need.  There are masses coming together in prayer and energy raising ceremonies to bring healing and hope to the world.  There are psychopomps helping the passing ones cross over from both sides.  There are roles to fulfill to be helpful to each other and tend to our own needs simultaneously.   When you are hearing a calling, whatever it may be, to help your fellow man, your sisters and brothers around the world, accepting that calling helps to solidify who you truly are, what you are truly capable of in the name of love and consideration.  To willfully deny that calling is to deny the formation of the best self.   So “pick up the phone.”

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Why You Shouldn’t Force A Spiritual Awakening


It can be difficult for people who are spiritually/psychically awakened to share (or not share) their “unusual” experiences with others.  Talking about metaphysical topics isn’t as acceptable in our society as talking about sports or movies.  I have read about a shaman from another country visiting a U.S. mental hospital and seeing what he believed to be our potential shaman’s being mistreated.  (Here is a link for that if you are interested.)  I admit the subjects of ghosts and mediumship have become less taboo with popular television shows showcasing them.  That doesn’t mean everybody is on board though.  If you go around in the U.S. telling people you are a medium you are going to get a lot of looks like you are crazy.  You will also likely get people who are afraid of you or lecture you for doing something they perceive to be unnatural.

Thus, awakened people (by this I essentially mean people with open third eyes) can feel like black sheep.  Those like me who don’t want to deal with unpleasant attention end up carefully walking a line to avoid the misstep of sharing our views and experiences with people who are not ready for that kind of information.  Different from us that wish to avoid the spotlight, some people are comfortable with saying it loud and proud that they are different.  Either way is fine as long as it works for the person treading that path.  A  common struggle for the second-sighted in general (or otherwise spiritually gifted people) is to not have those in their lives seeing what they see.  People typically seem to want their loved ones to know what they know, especially if they believe that knowledge is for the good of their loved ones.  The calling of many awakened people to teach others might also inspire some to teach even when they are speaking to the wrong audience.  However, I believe it is wise to refrain from trying to force spiritual awakenings.

Deciding not to teach others shouldn’t make you feel like you are holding out either.  People have enough issues dealing with their perspectives about the physical world.  It could be psychologically damaging to them if their eyes are forced open to a scope of existence they are not ready to even start comprehending.  Additionally, it is more likely for relationships to be strained because they don’t want to hear what you are saying.  We need to let people awaken in their own time.  Having a sharp spiritual perception at 15 years of age does not make one superior to a person that awakens in their 50s.  Life circumstances, social conditioning, inherited sensitives, and other factors play a role in when each of us is ready.  Some might not be ready until they move on from the physical world.

We can find middle ground to connect with others.  People can know each other on a deep and personal level without involving spiritual beliefs.  It’s like people of different religions forming bonds.  Maybe one day a friend will come to you and say, “Hey, I have been going through this weird stuff I don’t understand.  Can you help me?”  Then you can enthusiastically move forward with your bag of crystals and your woo woo books.

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Blessed be, y’all.

Dream Navigation

I remembered a nifty dream detail from this morning that I thought I should record.  I was in a version of my brother’s house and asked the dream or my guides to navigate me in the dream by showing me arrows or something.  Note I was not fully lucid.  I looked down and was holding a piece of white fabric, what I am thinking was a pair of folded socks.  Red in appeared on the fabric and started changing shape and direction and pointed to me a door.  I believe the door knob had a ring of color show up (which works with another dream method I am experimenting with).  I opened it and found a group of women setting up for something like a women’s Bible group.  I believe they said that they no longer had physical bodies.  I told them I did, I was just visiting there while I was sleeping.  They seemed a bit shocked and said it was sinful that I be there with them.  I told them that made no sense because it was by God’s design that I showed up there when I fell asleep.  They seemed to agree I had a good point.  I got bored or annoyed with that group and left the room.  Standing outside the room I decided I didn’t really want them in the house anymore (they were set up in what is my niece’s room in waking life), and decided to eject them from the house.  I didn’t want to hurt them, I just wanted them out of there, so I decided to focus on transporting the whole room with them in it to another area across the lawn.  Presumably I wanted something more to my taste to show up inside the house.  I focused and I think the women got spooked as the room shook and the roof seemingly came off over them.  I think it started transporting, but I must have woke up right after that.

Although the room transport thing was pretty cool, the impromptu dream navigation device really impressed me.  I don’t know why I needed to go into that room with those ladies, but it was great that my dreaming mind thought of asking for directions and the dream (or my guides) responded.  This might need to be something else I program into my dreams.


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Dream Theories

I was practicing automatic writing (typing really) with my spirit guides and was inspired to make a post of the various dream theories I have based on my own experiences in slumber.  I repeat that these are theories since I tend to take things with a grain a salt as a skeptical believer.  I do believe that some dreams are a crazy mashup of memory references pulled from a hat, but I believe we might also have dreams that go beyond that.

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1.)  We have multiple selves living throughout a multiverse.  Sometimes when we sleep we merge into the life of one of those other selves for a brief period of time.  Have you ever had a dream in which people you don’t know are sure that they know you?  I have had such a dream and I remember telling a guy that he must know the me in his reality, and that I was just stepping in for a bit while I slept.  This theory might also explain some instances of “false memories” in dreams.  Those memories might not be false, but rather we are tapped into the memory bank of an alternate self at those times.

2.)  There is a shared dreamspace in which we co-exist with those from various realities/dimensions.  This could help explain why so many people claim to have dream visits with loved ones who have crossed over.  This dreamspace is a convergence point.

3.)  The dreamspace might be perceived differently by those within it.  This is a new theory for me.  I had a dream in which I opened my bathroom door to find a woman sitting on the floor with a book or notebook.  I saw her sitting in a bathroom, but she mentioned columns being by her.  I got the impression she might have been in a large library from her perspective.

4.)  There are many societies throughout existence that know one’s consciousness can travel during the dream time.  I have had numerous dreams over the years in which I point out to those beside me that I am experiencing being there with them by dreaming.  Some of them seem kind of surprised, and others are more like “Oh, okay.” For the later it seems that dream travel is common knowledge.

5.)  Some dreams happen within the mind while some are astral projection experiences.   Your “scenes from a hat” type of dreams would of course be within your mind.  Beyond that, our brains can connect us to a sort of internet cable system to help our minds travel in dreams.  Some would consider this to be astral travel.   It could be considered as a type of remote viewing or like a hologram experience.  The astral projection experiences involve the astral body actually leaving the physical body for a little while.  A primary sign this has taken place is when you feel like you are being quickly slammed back into your physical body, awaking startled.  It seems projection might be more so to experience different vibrational dimensions along the strand of our reality or to tangibly experience the astral realm.  I can also see why this would be referred to astral travel.

6.)  Some people who claim they do not dream may be those who have chosen on some level not to dream travel or to hide those travels from their waking minds.  Scientists claim that almost everybody dreams, even when they say they do not.  It is stated that most of the time those people just are not remembering their dreams.  Excluding medical reasons for not dreaming, perhaps there are spiritual/psychological reasons that keep some people from being oneironauts (conscious dream travelers).  Perhaps guilt, disappointment, cynicism, fear, and other feelings cause them to separate from their dream selves.


Perhaps as time goes by I will realize some more dream theories.  Blessed be y’all.


Dream Doors Update

As I was scrolling through facebook today I saw this.


I think perhaps my guides are telling me that the dream doors will appear when the time is right.  I should be prepared to recognize them, but should not put too much effort into looking for them.

Dream Doors

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I have been trying to contact spirit guides in my dreams for probably at least a couple of years now.  Every now and then I seem to have some success, but there is a lot of inconsistency and a lot of failed attempts.  I have read a fair bit of Robert Moss’ Dreamgates book.  It seems like coming across teacher guides is no problem for him.  Yet, I often enough find myself getting frustrated because I can’t find a guide again when I seem to have met one in a previous dream, can’t get a guide to come up to me at all, or have someone who seems to misunderstand what I am asking for and is not equipped to be my guide.  An example of the last mentioned issue was a dream in which I asked for a guide to meet with me and apparently this young lady thought I meant like a tour guide for the dreamscape.  I am already a frequent visitor to that dreamscape and she just walked around with me until it became clear she didn’t know crap about me.  Thus, she couldn’t have been one of my spirit guides.

Today I did a quick little google search about connecting with spirit guides in dreams.  I also posed the issue in a lucid dreaming facebook group.  At least some people seem to be under the impression that spirit guides visit us in our dreams whenever they want to instead of just anytime we ask for them.   I figure guides have their own lives on the other side and things to do besides help us.  However, I like to think that some sort of mutually beneficial schedule/system could be worked out.  I do believe that I have plenty of guides willing to work with me.  Apparently my methods need work though.

I did recently (probably within the past 7 days) think of an experimental idea to help me access my guides without roaming all over the dreamscape.  I thought it would be cool to have a rose quartz door knob appear on a door in the dreamscape to help me meet up with my guides.  I have thought about having a purple or amethyst door knob appear when I want to meet up with loved ones who are in spirit.  I would just lucidly decide that I want to spend time with loved ones or guides and then look for a door with that knob color.  Opening the door would take me to whoever I need or want to see.  I have tried this probably 3 times so far.  Maybe more.  It has been interesting but I would not yet say it is a success.  I think this is something that may need to be applied for a while to decide whether or not it is a useful method.

Another idea expanding on this is to set up a meet up space to hang out with my loved ones who are on the other side.  This would be like a club house in the dreamscape.   I also wonder if teacher guides would gradually come to me if I set up a school room in the dreamscape.  I have spent years trying to learn from libraries in my dreams, but I end up seeing a title or a word without really getting an education from the books.  I love the idea of an astral school, but my school dreams don’t seem to be teaching me much either.  I think I might use a green door knob to help me access my own school room in dreams.

That is all for this blog post.  Blessed be, y’all.

“The Design of the Universe is Perfect”

This post is about a dream a recently had.  I decided it would be a good idea to make a record of it because it was pretty interesting.  Here goes.

I opened my bathroom door to find a woman sitting on the bathroom floor.  She was Caucasian with blonde hair that was around shoulder-length.  She appeared to probably in her 30s or 40s based off of the vibe I got, but I don’t clearly recall her face.   I think she  had a notepad and/or book.  I also seem to recall her having a pen or pencil.  The bathroom had differences from what mine is actually like, but I didn’t focus too much on that while the dream was happening.  Even though for me I had just opened my bathroom door to find a stranger there, she seemed annoyed with me as though I was the one intruding.  I ended up moving away from the door once or twice and coming back to find her again.  A good bit of what she said is choppy to me as I had trouble getting it all while I teetered on the edge of waking up.  I remember some things that particularly caught my attention as key points though.

The first notable statement was her telling me that whenever I opened the door the columns around her would shake or crumble.  That hints that she was in a different environment than the bathroom I was seeing her in.  I wonder if she was really in a library or some other grand structure.   After that we somehow got into a conversation that had her telling me that the structure of the universe/creation is perfect.   This was possibly in response to me explaining how things looked from my end and her having some kind of realization about the situation.  I could tell she was passionate about the topics of spiritual advancement and how the universe works as she got more lively and friendlier.  I took particular interest in her telling me that proof of the universe’s perfection could be found in Jesus’ early drawings.  (Of course I could find no indication of a historical record of Jesus drawing.  Drawing certainly seemed to mean the creation of art or diagrams in this conversation.  Such drawings might be documented in the Akashic Records.)  I woke up (or had a false awakening) for maybe 10 seconds and then found myself in the dream again.  I told her I had woken up for a brief moment and she started talking again.  She apparently understood the situation as soon as I said it.  Very little time passed before I “woke up” again.  I don’t know if I really woke up very briefly or had a false awakening.  But, when I returned to the dream I was sitting on the floor with my back against the livingroom wall of my home.   Instead of going back to the bathroom door which would have only been maybe 9 feet away, I noticed that I could hear her telepathically while she was out of my sight.  She was also hearing me even though the “signal” seemed somewhat in and out.  I told her that I had been requesting a spirit guide to teach me.  (I have spirit guides, I just have been wanting teachers for different subjects that would work with me in dreams.)   I told her that maybe the reason we were experiencing this strange incidence of connection could be because my request for a teacher guide was being answered.  She seemed to start having an “Ah ha!” moment like she thought that made sense.  I woke up for the day though before we could conversate anymore.

I am not counting on meeting her again in my dreams, but it would be cool for us to have further interactions.  It is too bad I don’t recall getting her name.  At least then it would be easier to request further contact.

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