Not Too Complicated

A spell does not have to be complicated. They require the emotional charge for what you require and a clear intention. They can be as simple as a wish on a dandelion or a prayer folded inside a locket. You don’t have to wait for a particular moon phase either. The time is right whenever you need the magick to be worked.

Blessed be, y’all.


Happy New Year!

I know this post is late, but I wish you all a happy new year.

Psychosomatic Dream Symptom

I dreamt that I was having a problem with a pain around one tooth and that tooth being quite loose. When I woke up, the gum area between two of my teeth (seemingly in the same area) was quite puffy. No pain, but my gums bled with gentle brushing. It makes me wonder if this was a psychosomatic symptom of the dream, or if the dream was a symptom to get me to take notice. Hmmm. I lean towards the dream causing it, but it is kind of scary to think pains in dreams could trigger actual physical issues.

Connecting with Crystals

woman holding six polished stones
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I came across a question of interest on facebook.  Someone posted upset that she didn’t feel connected with any of her crystals, and she asked what she could do to feel connected with them.  The popular solutions are to meditate with them more or keep them on your person.  Such advice does have a possibility of solving the dilemma.  You could also sleep with the crystals under your pillow in your pillow case if they are little tumbles.  However, I think sometimes the issue might really be the way in which one expects to experience a connection with crystals.  Reading forums and watching YouTube videos could lead one to have high expectations.  For example, Moldavite (technically a tektite and not a crystal) is typically described as a super high vibrational crystal that has obvious WOW ways of making its energy known.  Some people say they notice a sudden rush of chaos in their life after getting Moldavite.  Some says it leaves them with their head in the clouds, having difficultly focusing on their surroundings.  Some say they feel heat or tingles from it.  However, I read today about a person who was disappointed because he or she felt nothing from the renowndly powerful crystal.

My advice is to avoid strongly basing your expectations on the experiences of others.  Not everyone has the same energy.  Not every crystal of a particular type feels the same in an intuitive manner.  I can dive into a bin of tumbled amethyst and only find one that I feel is for me.  It might not be the “prettiest” or biggest crystal in the bin either.  It just feels like it is supposed to be with me, similar to the feeling when a gal sees a blouse that was “made for her.”   That is how the connection works for me personally.  Thus simply seeing that a crystal type I want is affordable is not enough reason for me to buy it.  I have to feel like that particular specimen is one that is going to be on my mind until I get it.  That is something I suggest keeping in mind when buying crystals, however I restate that people may connect with crystals differently.   Another way I subtly connect with crystals is through intuition telling me what crystal I should pick up/wear on any given day.  One day I had a migraine kicking in and the thought popped into my head to grab my lepidolite which is generally one that just sits out looking pretty.  It seemed to help me relax as my medicine kicked in.  Intuition may also nudge me which crystal jewelry piece to wear each day (if any jewelry).  It’s okay if you don’t feel tingles in your hand when you pick up a stone or suddenly have your third eye blasted open.  There is nothing wrong with feeling a connection to crystals in a subtle way.

Something else to keep in mind is that we might be neutral with some crystals.  We might even feel repulsed by some crystals.  You probably don’t expect yourself to get along with every attractive person you see.  Sometimes there is a spark and sometimes there isn’t.  I don’t think you can force a connection where there is not one.  The same applies to crystals (for those who believe that crystals have energetic properties).  What do you do with your crystals that you don’t connect with?  There are a few options.  You can keep them simply as a part of a rock collection and maybe one day you will feel better matched with some of them.  You can give them away to people who they seem to be suited for, or you can sell them and put that money into a fund for crystals that you do connect with.

I hope somebody finds this helpful.  Blessed be, y’all.


Halloween/Samhain Plans

I will be spending Halloween night watching the live Ghost Adventures special with my grandmother.  The fact they say they are going to open the dybbuk box seems like one of the worst ideas a person could ever have.  I decided to watch it before I found that out thinking it was just be like a 4 hour investigation of Zach’s creepy museum.   Hopefully the people watching do not get bad mojo for viewing it.  I might be wearing some sort of protective pendant to ward of negative energy just in case.  I might even momentarily change the channel.

That being said, those are my Halloween plans.  I will have to celebrate Samhain at the beginning of the day (bringing in the 31st).  Light a candle before bed to honor my loved ones who have crossed over and ask for them to provide protection from any unpleasant spirits that might be around looking to cause mischief.  Last year I had unpleasant spirit/astral themed dreams in the week leading up to Samhain, presumably before of the thinning of the veil.  I don’t recall this ever being a problem before then.  Although I don’t intend to worry about it this year, I will probably set up spiritual protections in my sleeping areas just to be on the safe side.

I hope you all are doing well and have a lovely Halloween/Samhain.

Blessed be, y’all!

Soul Relationships

Thanks to Boys Over Flowers I have been inspired to write a blog after quite a while.  A question was posed in the series (which I won’t come right out and say because I don’t want to toss out a spoiler), that got me thinking about soul relationships.  I have most likely written a similar post in the past, but perhaps my thoughts on the meanings have changed.  Perhaps I have some new insight on the topic.  Here goes.

Soulmate and twin soul (aka twin flame) are terms that tend to be used interchangeably.  Different people have have different understandings of what those terms mean.  My current perception is that a soulmate is a person whom you are meant to go through life with that balances you.  This person is paired with you because you help each other grow.  You challenge and support each other.  You make sense together.  If you are salt, your soulmate is pepper.  You may not always understand each other, but such is what forces you to see things from another’s view.  You likely test each other’s patience because of this.

A twin soul is as literal as it sounds.  Twin souls come from the same soul embryo.  They were created together and share the ultimate twin bond.  Your twin soul is someone you can’t hide your feelings from no matter how skilled you are at masking your emotions.  They will “hear the emergency bell in your heart”, to quote a line from the aforementioned show.  Your soul will feel like it recognizes this person from the moment you meet.  You will understand each other to the point that words are often not needed.  This person will feel like the harbor you dock into when storms are raging.  A soulmate can be your harbor too, but the twin soul is a harbor even when the soulmate is a part of the storm.   My belief is that neither a soulmate or a twin soul is necessarily a romantic partner.  Both terms conjure up the notion that this is someone you should wed.  This may actually be the case many times, but a soulmate or twin soul could instead be a close friend or family member.

Another soul connection is that termed as “kindred spirits”.  I feel like this term is misleading in it’s use because these people are not necessarily part of one’s soul family.  So for the sake of this post, I am going to change the terminology to “alike spirits”.  These are the people you fit in with.  They are people who share your passions and principles.  These tend to be the people you form cliques with.

Soul family is used to describe people who have a tendency to reincarnate in each other’s lives.  You will likely feel an instant sense of familiarity with them.  An example of this would be a sister who has always felt like a mother to you, and you believe she was probably your mother in a past life.  Another example would be befriending a guy who quickly seems just like a brother to you so you suspect he was your brother in a past life.  These souls may not all be together in every lifetime, but the bond remains.

I’d like to add that I suspect one person can have more than one type of soul relationship with you.  A twin soul could become a soulmate.  A soul family member could easily be an alike spirit.  A twin soul is very likely to be an alike spirit.

I think this sums up my thoughts on the topic pretty well.

Blessed be, y’all.


Accidental “Projection”

This morning I had what I will call an accidental astral projection experience.  That being said, I find it perfectly likely that astral projection is a form of lucid dream.  That doesn’t mean it can’t be a spiritual experience.  This experience was not particularly spiritual though.  Just random.

I can tell it happened because of my sleep circumstances.  Much like in a type of lucid dream induction method, my sleep was interrupted for a while.  I was up after a few hours of sleep due to allergies.  I went to the couch to watch YouTube for a while (on autoplay) and eventually fell back asleep around 4 hours after waking up.  While I was sleeping a loud interuptive sound started playing repeatedly as part of the music in a video.  It was very annoying and ‘woke’ me up.  I reached for the remote and tried turning the volume down with my eyes closed, but the volume button didn’t seem to be getting the job done.  I think I may have realized I was not really holding the remote and started grabbing for it again with the same results.  I seem to realize that I might be projecting but wasn’t sure.  I stumbled to the tv with my “eyes” mostly closed and felt for the off button on the tv.  I believe I found it and pushed it yet the sound continued.  I felt upward on the tv (an older model, box-like big screen tv) and I felt the glass.  I was amazed somewhat at how real it felt since I really realized at that point that I was not really touching the tv.  I woke up for real not long after.  I turned the volume down and went back to sleep.  Hours later after waking up for the day I realized that the tv I felt was the tv that was used until a couple of months ago.  It has been replaced with a smaller flat screen tv.  Some might suspect the old tv is still where it was in the astral.  Then again, maybe in my sleepy state I just believed the old tv was still there and that is why I felt that tv.  I lean toward the second.  I believe I tried to walk though the tv, but that was a no-go.

That’s all for this share.  Blessed be, y’all.

Checking in

Hello, lovely readers. I know it’s been a while since I have posted. Lately I’ve been in a bit of a slow phase in terms of spiritual development. I have not had a particularly noticeable wisdom gain over the past few months. My psychic development went rather hush which was frustrating. I am not saying that the psychic development is back full speed ahead, but I do at least seem to have let go of some of the frustration. I hope you have all been doing well. Blessed be.