Lucidity Report #12


I randomly remembered my lucid dreams from this morning. I think I was inside the trailer I used to live in. My hand brushed against my shirt over my abdomen, and when I felt the fabric I realized I didn’t own a shirt that felt like that. (I can’t recall what it felt like.) I walked outside and it started to storm. I could not make the storm stop. Instead it seemed to grow stronger with strong straight winds, dark skies, and possible rain in front of me. I decided to try to meditate to get it to go away. I closed my eyes in the dream to focus within. Suddenly it was like I was lying in bed awake with my eyes closed. Maybe I did wake up, but I think soon after I drifted back into another dream (that I don’t recall).

Some other things I recall about my most recent sleep cycle is that I was keeping track of my lucid dreams while dreaming. I seem to recall counting to four lucid dreams. I don’t remember much about them, but I do remember that and two other dream bits. I remember tasting some kind of red velvet cake that was unusually yummy for food in a dream. There is generally not much taste to dream food in my experience. I also remember seeing four fairly large birds sitting on a branch and/porch covering. There were two of some kind of bird that I think had red on them and two birds which probably were crows or ravens. The birds were paired with their matches and sitting not far apart from eachother in the same area. I asked them what they were doing there (in my dream) and I focused mostly on one of the birds with red on it I think because it was the one talking. It seems like they tilted their heads kind of confused and maybe the answer I got was something like “Don’t know” or “Your dream”. I think then we must have seen a large flying bird and I asked what that was. The one bird answered that it thought the flying bird was an owl. I think I thought it looked more like a hawk or eagle. I asked if they knew what my totem is. The bird answered “owl”. I told it that I am pretty sure it is a spider. The bird was like “No, owl.” The other birds seemed to agree.

That is all I remember of those dreams. If I did indeed get to four lucid dreams last night, that might be a record for me. I like my sleep too much to get up in the dark hours of the morning to write them down before going back to sleep.


A Day for Extra Reality Checks

When you see a strange bird you have never seen before dancing to a funky beat that you can’t hear, it’s an extra reality checks kind of day.  To add to that, it is a snow day in the South.  That in itself deserves a reality check.

American Woodcock
This bird has moves like Starlord.  

It took me a while to figure out what kind of bird I was looking at.  Turns out that is because it is apparently a mostly nocturnal, “seldom-seen” shorebird.  It is an American Woodcock.  Mind you the shore is at least a few hours away by car.  This species apparently does not stick to the shore though.  Anyway, add the fact that my bird book says this species is “very secretive and seldom seen” to the reasons to do extra reality checks.

Since I have never seen one before, and might never see one again, I figured it’s worth it to look at the shamanic meaning of seeing this bird.  Unfortunately, I could find no information on the Woodcock in relation to shamanism or spirit animals.  If you can find such, feel free to leave a link in the comment.


It is snowing. We don’t get a lot of snow where I live.  So we get excited the once or twice it may decide to show up each year.  As a result my curtains are open and I am motivated to redecorate my room for the season!  Lots of tidying up to do.  Blessed holiday season to all of you. 

Ooooo Moon

 I really wish I had a camera that could take photos of the moon that didn’t just look like squiggly bits of light.  I didn’t realize tonight was a full moon, but it stopped me in my tracks when I walked past a window.  Just a reminder to charge your crystals!  Also to stare in wonder if like me.

Lucidity Report #11

The reality checks so far have not really been playing into my dreams.  I think I have my app set to 4 checks per day. I did have a lucid dream this morning though. I don’t currently have a super vivid memory of it, but I recall it was triggered because I recognized again that I don’t know the Game Grumps. I found myself walking along a road and staring at the distant sky. I believe I cyclone forming, and decided I didn’t want that. I willed the sky to be pretty and blue. Then I realized it kept wanting to turn dreary again as I kept fixing it. I decided that this back and forth must have been created cause I was still thinking to some degree about the weather I had fixed. To distract from such thoughts, I began singing (seemingly gospel) as I continued to walk toward the weather. When I arrived at that horizon, I reached a boundry or veil of like a thick white static/mist/fog which I decided to walk into.  I might have still been singing. I could feel the veil substance on my skin.  I recall the sensation as something like a combination of being spritzed with water and a light static or tingle. I mostly noticed the spritzing sensation. I remember thinking that Jesus might be somewhere in or behind that white veil.  I think I was grinning and happy.  The dream seemed to end there. 

Tourmalated Quartz

Yesterday I went into an old timey general store that has a spinning bin for tumbled stones.  The stones are 99 cents each there, and I was quite excited to discover a section of tourmalated quartz. Apparently had difficulty narrowing it down, because I got 10 of them.  :p

Lucid Dreaming App

I recently downloaded the Awoken lucid dreaming app.  It is pretty cool. You can program it to give you random reality check reminders throughout certain hours of the day. You can also program it to give you sound ques During certain sleeping hours as a hint to you in your dream state to check if you are dreaming. I have only been using it for maybe a few days, but so far I don’t think I’ve really noticed the dream ques. The reality checking during my waking hours is likely to be beneficial though.  If you are interested in lucid dreaming I would recommend the app.  On a different note, Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

Reaper Dream

I had an interesting dream this morning.  I had a dream I was lying on my bed in the dark and could hear and visualize an elderly man in a prison cell.  I could hear him so well that I checked to see if a cell phone was at my ear.  I realized then that the communication was telepathic.  I asked him if he was alive.  He said “No.”  He then asked me if I liked Grim.  I was confused because I didn’t know if he meant the show Grimm, the main character in the show, or the Grim Reaper.  As I was taking a moment to figure out what he meant, I could feel a presence right by me and hear a different voice demanding I answer the question.  I explained I didn’t know which Grim/Grimm was being referred to.  He clarified that he wanted to know if I hated Death.  I said something along the lines of “Although I fear Death because no one wants to be parted from their loved ones, I do not hate Death because he is doing his job.  There is a balance of things beyond my comprehension and he is a part of that balance.”  I could feel that the voice and presence was actually that of Death himself.  He seemed relieved by my answer.  He wanted me to get something from under my bed for him.  I could reach straight down to underneath my bed as if there was a large opening in the mattress.  The floor was wooden instead of carpeted and I felt around underneath while lying on my stomach on the bed.  It took me a minute to find anything.  I found a large coin (like the size of my palm), and I handed it to him.  I then noticed that under the bed was a panel door in the flooring and lifted it.  Undernearth was a large built-in spirit board with a planchette.  This scared me some because I am untrusting of Ouija boards.  I asked Death how long that had been there, and he responded “Since you started journeying.”  The indication seemed to be that it had been there for a while.  In retrospect I think the coin might have been like the drachma paid to the Ferryman.  This dream seems to be related to my Persephone persona and psychic development.



I hate text to voice videos.

You may or may not have noticed that a number of “new age” videos on YouTube use software to turn turn text into a voice.  It’s a creepy as **** robotic nightmare.  I do not like it. I do not like it one bit.  Instantly gets the back button press.  Surely I am not alone in this.  Soooooooooo creepy.