“Signs of a Spiritual Awakening”

Lists with that title seem to be all over the net.  Those seeking enlightment flock to these articles and videos.  They read with eager eyes and make a mental checklist.  While such lists might be encouraging for those who check off each item, they could be discouraging for those who don’t seem to add up.


Here is the truth from my perspective; there is no “one size fits all” checklist for spiritual awakening.  People are not all the same and spiritual advancement doesn’t lead to all people becoming the same.  How boring would that be?  I feel like spiritual awakening is more about awakening to the truth of your spirit; being true to who you are on a soul level.  Depending on your true nature, awakening could lead you to a life of:

  • veganism
  • activism
  • artistic endeavors
  • charity work
  • religion
  • witchcraft
  • psychic development
  • nomadism
  • parenthood
  • etc.

If you feel like you are awakening, don’t let a standardized list give you doubts.  With that said, I do believe in the occurance of mass awakenings.  I feel like many people can be riding the same energy wave at once.  It is not too uncommon for a large number of people to be having similar experiences in the same frame of time.  Thus, part of the nature of spiritual awakening seems to be that we are not alone in our differences.

Blessed be, y’all.  ❤


Alternate Reality Dream

Some of you might recall that my previous cell phone jumped out of my purse to commit suicide a few months ago.  It was a shame that my phone had apparently switched saving modes so anything saved after like September of last year went onto the phone instead of my SD card.  This included photos and dream details.  (I like to record my dream details on my phone from time to time when I wake up from a really cool dream.)  I believe I had the dream I am about to describe within 48 hours of that phone dying.  It might have even been that morning.

I had watched a video on YouTube before going to sleep.  Shane Dawson was talking with the Psychic Twins about alternate realities.  That apparently inspired a dream in which I met myself in an alternate reality.  The alternate me was staying in the same little house I was in at the time.  There were just some differences in it.  She was there with probably a couple of female friends and her boyfriend which was actually the alternate reality version of my boyfriend.  He just had a different name.  I think the name was the name of his former best friend in my reality.  My aunt and uncle (married couple, not sibblings), were also there.  I think this might have been like a level 2 lucid dream.

From what I seem to recall, the dream started with me waking up in the area I fell asleep.  I saw a business card with the name Rose on it and I think I was like a successful cosmetics salesperson.  She looked like the selfie-glammed version of myself from back in the day but at my age.  Like what I could have looked like if things went differently throughout my life.  I was pretty excited in the dream and seemed to think that my dream state somehow sent my conciousness into an actual alternate reality.  The friends were intrigued and interested to spend time with me after I explained I was from an alternate reality.  The alternate me was friendly (but did not see to be in as much awe of the situation as I was.)  She introduced my alternate reality fella to me in a way that was akin to running into an aquaintance from high school and being like “This is my guy.”  I believe he smiled and might have shaken my hand.  I think he put his arm around her and you could tell they were in love.  It was nice to see me and my guy were a couple there too.  By the way, he also was a different version of himself in that it looked like he had had an easier life.

When the aunt and uncle came into the room, my aunt started talking to them about plans for volunteer work they were going to be leading the others in.  I think it was like a Leonardo da Vinci day at some church.  Apparently a big deal it their reality.  For this part of the dream, my alternate and her friends made me lay on the floor by a couch.  They insisted I be quiet while they were listening to my alternate aunt.  I obliged them, but in hindsite, they were super nice in that part of the dream.  Maybe for some reason they were hiding me from my aunt an uncle.  The did seem really interested in what she was saying though.  I believe I woke up in real life from that part of the dream.

It was pretty interesting.  I am saying this was a level 2 lucid dream (by my standards) because I knew my physical body was sleeping.  I looked around and interacted with joy.  However, I was seemingly wrapped up in the dream enough to think I was experiencing a real alternate reality.  (That would be pretty cool if I was, but it is probably more likely I was just influenced by what I watched before sleep.)  Have any of you ever had such an experience in a dream?


Watercolor Journaling 

Yesterday I was able to snag a spiral bound watercolor pad for cheap thanks to a coupon.  Although it doesn’t look anything like a journal with its brand name spread across the cover in large font,  I am considering using it as a sort of watercolor dream journal for lucid dreaming.  I like the idea of bringing dream items and scenery to the real world.  I will definitely have to improve my lucid dreaming ability and vividness of dream memory for this. Even if I use the pad for other things too, I can still incorporate dream content.  Maybe this will inspire others to do the same.  Blessed be, y’all.

Dream Shape Shifting 

I read about an interesting way to shape shift in lucid dreams.  Since the mind tends to understand cause and effect, this seems really clever.  You take a shape-shifting potion that you find or manifest in the dream.  Make your intention clear by stating what you want to transform into before drinking the potion.  I suppose one could even try growing or shrinking like Alice.  Perhaps you could even choose to let your subconscious transform you into what it decides suits you.

Feel free to let me know if this works for you.  Blessed be. 

Something Angered Me Today 

I typed out my vent to post.  Then deleted it.  I didn’t want to stir up other people to get upset. There’s enough upsetting stuff constantly hurled at us that I just didn’t want to contribute to that today.  I will however make a plea to not kill for the sake of bragging rights.  It upsets me that trophy hunting is a culturally acceptable thing in many places.  I’m not saying that people who do this are horrible, but chances are they were raised to have a certain mindset that I find disturbing.  If you’re going to hunt, please make sure you’re doing it for food and not for sport itself.  Please. 

Tis the Season

For talk of ghost experiences.  It’s possible I have mentioned my ghostly experiences before, but has surely been a while if I have.  So, here goes one of mine:

I was chatting on the phone with one of my best friends when I was probably 15 or 16.  Suddenly I heard a deep man’s voice say something, although I don’t know what.  It may have been more like a sound since I didn’t understand any words from it.  My friend also heard it.  She was not unnerved until I made it clear that I did not have a tv or radio on and was home alone.  She knew it didn’t come from her house either.  It seemed to come from the room I was in.  I was sitting on the couch and could see my bedroom door from where I was as my friend and I discussed the creepiness.  Then, although it could have been my eyes blinking or something, I thought I saw a dark shadow quickly move by the partial opening of my door in my room.

Feel free to share your own ghostly stories in a comment.  You may link me to a blog post of yours if you have a post on the topic.

And More False Awakenings 

I watched this video before falling asleep last night. 

At some point during my sleep cycle I found myself in a chain of false awakenings again.  I think it started because I heard my brother and stepbrothers in the livingroom in my dream. I was annoyed that they had apparently decided to meet up in our house to play Xbox at what was like 2 in the morning and were being loud. I realized I was having false awakenings because I kept trying to turn my light on in my room and kept being right back in my bed without the light turning on each time. I tried both my lamp and the light switch on my wall.  It is said that lights tend to not function properly in dreams.  

These awakenings seemed very realistic in that my room was set up the same way. Although my stepbrothers have not been in this house in years so the chances of them showing up to play Xbox at 2 in the morning was not very realistic.  I tried again and again to wake up for real.  It was starting to get a bit eerie how many times I was false awakening.  I eventually decided to just check out what was going on in the other room instead of letting myself get more frustrated.  I remembered to put on my dream glasses which took a few tries for them to successfully manifest on my face. When I walked into the living room everything looked like it did when we were teens.  It was quite vivid even though I mostly just remember thinking how vivid everything was compared to usual for dreaming.  I remember eating part of a cupcake that was one of only a couple left in a pack that my brothers had been snacking out of.  I remember eating an M&M cookie which I recall tasted much more like it would in reality than the very subtle version of taste I tend to experience in dreams.  I also seem to remember thinking that this lucidity or dream vividness was lasting longer than usual even though in retrospect it doesn’t seem like it was that long. 

I recall before leaving my room in the dream that I was concerned I might be astral projecting instead of dreaming.  In my more recent experiences with astral projection dreams things were not so pleasant.  I was eased though when I just saw my bros hanging out.

Eventually I think I very briefly woke up for real before continuing to have non lucid dreams. 

Loving This Stone

I have never had a Shiva Lingam before today.  I had seen them online and heard they have fertility energy (something that doesn’t appeal to me).  I thought they looked nifty, but I didn’t feel a strong urge to get one.  Then today I saw some of these stones in a little store.  I compared the different Lingams and decided to carry this one around. The point of carrying it around the store was to get a feel for whether I should get it or not.  Obviously it made a connection.  I didn’t need a fertility stone, but it took on a different energy for me; It is like a portable hearth.  It warms in the hand and has a homey energy.  I keep wanting to hold it.  Sometimes a crystal “winks” at you and you know you have to take it with you.