Personal Spiritual Belief Sets vs Organized Religion

I will start by saying I am pretty liberal when it comes to spirituality and religion.  I have the mindset of “to each their own” and “ye harm none, do what ye will.”  My perspective on this subject can be further explained with an analogy of homes.  Some people prefer to purchase a home that has already been built and staged.  Some people prefer to buy a home that has already been built and then add their personal touches such as their favorite color painted on the walls.  There are also people who would prefer to design and build their own home so that every aspect of the home is customized to their preferences.  This is like religion and spirituality because some people feel “at home” in organized religions, whereas other people feel “at home” with a personalized spiritual belief set.  I belong to the latter group.

I don’t get into conversations with just anybody about religion and spirituality.  It is no secret that the topic can become very heated.  Large groups of people yell that you are wrong if you don’t believe what they believe.  You can open yourself up for even more ridicule when you have eclectic spiritual beliefs.  People might tell you that it isn’t valid to make up your own religion, similarly to when people tell bisexual individuals that they cannot really be attracted to both sexes and are just going through a confused phase.  Chances are you know your own truth.  Just say no to naysayers who presume they have the right to dictate your truth.  For example, if you consider yourself to be a Christian witch, don’t let other people tell you that is a contradiction or impossible.  The likelihood of them being able to defend their opposition based on anything other than their beliefs is slim.  Ultimately, nobody knows the truth about The Divine and the afterlife (or the lack of an afterlife) until he or she leaves the mortal vessel.  It could be dangerous to your well-being to take the word of someone who claims to know too seriously.


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