Green Calcite

calciteI collect crystals.  I don’t have a huge collection, but perhaps I eventually will.  Tonight I purchased a green calcite specimen I have had my eyes on online for probably 3-4 weeks.  That is it pictured above.  In honor of this purchase, I’m going to provide some information on the metaphysical uses of calcite.  I will start by stating that, as with any crystal, its uses could vary depending on the user.  I have had green calcite for a while.  I recently had a 2″-3″ piece of it seemingly go poof into thin air, which is why I started looking for a new piece.  I also have a couple of small pieces.  For me, it is just a happy and calming type of crystal.  I like its appearance (green is one of my favorite colors), and I like the glassy feel of it.  Depending on the piece you have, it can work nicely as a worry stone because of its glassy texture.  Its uses according to Judy Hall’s book The Crystal Bible are as “a mental healer, dissolving rigid beliefs and old programs and restoring balance to the mind” and it “aids communication and the transition from a stagnant to a positive situation.”    A good thing about green calcite that has nothing to do with its alleged metaphysical properties is that it is not an expensive stone.  I have found that a palm-sized chunk of green calcite tends to run between $9-$20 online.  I got mine from eBay within that price range.  If you are a crystal collector or a person who is just starting to become interested in crystals, I recommend green calcite.


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