Evil, Plant-Killing Gnats

A few months ago I got the idea that it would be nice to have an indoor succulent garden.   I figured it would be pretty and nice to meditate beside.  I bought various echeveria, a little purple cactus, and a couple other succulents and put them in a long window sill planter.  My little succulent garden was so pretty and great to relax by for maybe a week or so.  Then I realized gnats were hanging out in my little garden.  I didn’t think much of it at first as I am rather new to plant care.  I just tried to kill the gnats.  Then one of my plants died.  It rotted.  I thought maybe I got too much water on it.   I purchased another to go in the place of that one.  Within a couple of days another succulent died.  That is when I realized it was probably the gnats.  I looked it up and learned about fungus gnats.   They are evil.  I had to dump out my new soil, shake as much dirt as I could off the roots of the remaining plants, clean the planter, buy another bag of soil,  and buy sand to put ontop of the garden to keep more gnats from getting in the new soil.  Well here it is maybe 5 or 6 weeks later and 2 more succulents have died.   I did everything an expert video had instructed me to do, but apparently a couple of gnat larvae survived in the roots to grow a new plant-killing army.  I have put what is left of the succulents in seperate pots, but I am not sure any will survive.  What I have learned from this is to check carefully for gnats anytime you shop for plants.  These awful creatures are big fans of succulent potting soil.  I wasted more money, time, and effort than I care to think about because of the evil gnats.  That stress is not conducive with the meditative environment I was aiming for.  My advice for people without great green thumbs is that if you want a plant,  get a pothos.   If you happen to get gnats in the roots, you can cut off the healthy parts of the vines and reroot them in water.  A pothos may not have the visual appeal of a succulent garden,  but it is a much safer investment.   Safety = peace of mind.


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