Fathers Day and Belated Summer Solstice Celebration

I did not celebrate the solstice yesterday.  I instead celebrated Fathers Day, spending most of the day with my grandmother as Dad was at work.  My grandmother and I visited the graves of my grandfather, my great grandparents, and my great great grandparents.  If you ask me, remembering the fathers that have crossed over is as important as thanking the fathers that are still with us in the physical form.  It was a good day overall.  Since I did not celebrate the solstice yesterday, I will be celebrating simply today by coloring in my Goddesses coloring book.  My wonderful fiance’ got me this coloring book for my birthday to make use of my rarely used stock of artist-quality colored pencils.  The images are lovely.  Here are a few:

Some people may not consider coloring to be an adult way to celebrate or pay tribute.  However, I consider it in this case to be a good use of time to show Goddess how I view Her beauty.  Try thinking about it this way.  When we were kids we would color or draw pictures for people we loved.  We would excitedly give them to our mother, father, grandmother, etc. and that person would proudly hang it up on the refrigerator.  I see no reason that this sort of behavior should cease just because a person grows up.  To add to that, coloring can be meditative.  It helps a person to focus and think in a creative way while enjoying the process.  If you were too busy to celebrate the solstice yesterday, I encourage you to do so today (that is if you celebrate the solstice).  You aren’t likely to find a festival today, but you can take a note from me and celebrate simply.  You don’t have to color; you could go outside for a few minutes. Going out in nature and “just being” can be a wonderfully refreshing experience when the weather is nice.  You could sit at your altar and say a prayer.  You could craft or make a great meal out of fresh, natural ingredients.  Just do whatever puts you in a happy and thankful mindset.  With that said, I hope everyone had/has a wonderful Fathers Day and solstice.


One thought on “Fathers Day and Belated Summer Solstice Celebration

  1. What a great gift! The coloring book looks fabulous – and sounds like a perfect thing to do. (Your drawing of Aine looked good, too!). Thank you for stopping by Sophia’s Children and following the blog. I’m glad to learn of yours as well. Blessings, Jamie

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