A Dream Affirmation & Why I Started This Blog

This morning I awoke from a dream that was in line with my posts from yesterday.  I do not know if my mind granted me this dream or if the Divine did.  Perhaps Aine took part.  Whichever source inspired the dream, I will none the less count it as an affirmation.  This dream affirmed my spiritual path and what I am doing with this blog.  I will italicize the details of the dream to make it stand out from the rest of this post.

In this dream I was on my grandmother’s deck that surrounds her sunroom.  There were maybe up to 10 people outside on the deck with me when a little purple butterfly caught my attention as it flew up to me.  I felt joy and awe which increased as this little butterfly landed under my eye.  It rested there underneath the frame of my glasses and I went into the sunroom as I started taking photos with my cell phone to capture what was going on.  I couldn’t seem to get good pictures because of blurring and/or bad aim though.  My grandmother, a couple other family members, and perhaps a cousin’s boyfriend were also in the sunroom.  I was trying to get my grandmother and the others to look at this marvelous thing that was going on.  They were too distracted to pay attention, and I became frustrated.  The butterfly then flew down to rest on my forearm for a little bit.  This butterfly that was originally around the size of a silver dollar had grown to basically the size of my palm.  Now her purple wings shimmered and a flame-colored light radiated from her as the sunlight came through a window and illuminated her.  My frustration turned back into joy and awe.  I believe it seemed as others were starting to take notice and be awed, but I did not look around to see who was looking because I was now focused on this butterfly.  She then flew back up to my face and rested on my left eyelid.  I walked back out onto the deck to stand by myself and just look out with my open eye as the other remained closed with this new friend upon it.  I soon noticed a little girl, maybe 10 to 12 years old.  It seems like she had pigtails.  I think she gasped and that it what made me look over at her.  She was looking at the butterfly on my face with her eyes widened and her mouth agape.  She eagerly got the attention of another little girl who was her friend and they both looked on in wonder at the sight of me standing there with a butterfly on my face.  I smiled at them because I was happy that others, even though only two little girls out of a group of up to 15 people, were able to share in my joy and wonder.  

For those who didn’t read my posts yesterday; One was about keeping an eye on God, and the other was about an art meditation of Aine.  Aine had butterfly wings in the portrait.  This dream took that symbolism to affirm the spiritual path I am on.  The two little girls symbolize the reason I started this blog; to find others to share spirituality with.  These people do not need to walk on the same path as me, but rather they can be like neighbors walking parallel and intersecting paths.  The joy comes from being able to look over at each other with smiling faces and waving hands.  We can motion for these others to meet us on our paths for friendly chats whenever new insights are desired.  Finding such a network of like-minded individuals can be difficult for those who are not devoted to a major organized religion.  Living on the Bible Belt means I have to keep my path out of the sight of most people I know.  The ones I can show my path to are not particularly spiritual.  If you feel like you are walking on a spiritual path that nobody else can really see, if you feel frustrated that you have nobody to share your wonderment with, feel free to “wave” at me.


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