Of all the figures from mythology that I know about, I seem to relate most to Persephone.  There are various versions of her story, but the version relative to me is as follows:

Persephone, the goddess of Spring, was carried away to the Underworld by Hades.  There the god of the underworld declared his love for her and his great desire for her to be his bride.  The thought of being away from her home among the light and flowers saddened her, but she fell in love with Hades.  Hades was not an evil akin to the Christian idea of the devil ruling in Hell. Rather he was the king of the land of the dead and judge of souls.  The underworld was not hellish for those who were judged to be good.  Persephone became at home there as well and adapted brilliantly to her new role as the queen/goddess of the underworld.  However, Persephone’s absence from the world above had left the earth barren.  To appease his wife and restore balance to the world of the living, Hades agreed to let her spend part of the year away from the Underworld so that she could fulfill her role as the goddess of Spring.  Her fertility was not in the production of children; She instead produced beauty and abundance in nature.  She is represented as a goddess with duality; of both the light and darkness.

I too have found solace in both the light and the darkness.  I have realized that darkness is not innately evil.  Evil can present itself in the light and the dark.  The darkness holds a depth and power that embrace me, yet I also need time to rejoice in the light.  I have an attraction to the strong, brooding, misunderstood type of man that shows great devotion to one woman.  This attraction can be seen in my love of such characters as Jareth in Labyrinth, The Bog King in Strange Magic, Mr. Gold in Once Upon a Time, and Beast in Disney’s Beauty & The Beast.  To add to those similarities, I am childless and do not wish to become a parent.  I would rather plant seeds in the earth than in my belly.

By noticing the similarities between Persephone and myself, I deepen my understanding of who I am.  I challenge any interested reader to take on the exercise of finding a figure from mythology with whom you relate.


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