Offerings are a part of the spiritual practice of many.  I am going to offer up my thoughts about offerings.  This post will be short and simple.

  1. I do not believe that a tangible offering is necessary for working with The Divine or my spiritual tribe.  Though I understand leaving an offering as a representation of thanks, I do not believe that God and Goddess or my spiritual tribe require my wine, frankincense, or any other physical item.  The only offerings that are really necessary are my attention, cooperation, love, trust, respect, and gratitude.
  2. I will sometimes make an offering to nature spirits.  The fae are not a part of my spirit tribe.  Their duty is to nature, not to me.  Thus, if I want their help with something, I may intently sprinkle some dried herbs outside for them.  Currently I have lavender and calendula to serve that purpose.  Planting a garden could also serve as an offering to these spirits.

Like I said, short and simple.  Blessed be y’all.


Sacred Space and Blue Moon Magick

I have been busy the past couple of days preparing for Blue Moon magickal workings.  This meant I had to put time and energy into making my bedroom feel like a more sacred space since it is my sanctuary.  A person can have spiritual experiences in a messy environment, but the annoyance of too much clutter can be a bother.  I threw out trash, changed the arrangement of my furniture, vacuumed, and did some organizing.  It is still not the tidiest bedroom in existence, but it is better suited for my spiritual practice.

I found out tonight, now yesterday actually, that the Blue Moon technically becomes full Friday morning (this morning).   The energy and timing felt right, so I decided to proceed with the ritual.  I didn’t have an outline prepared for what kind of ritual would be done.  I just went with the flow.  I made myself a cup of tea with honey and some crackers with cheddar cheese to help maintain my energy while I worked magick.  I suspected it could take a while.  I thought I might use my tarot cards, but I did not.  (Perhaps I will use my tarot deck later today).  I did not meditate.  I did not even do a spell.  I intended to do a spell, but that is not what I was moved to do.  Instead I called a conference.  Yes, a conference.  I smudged the room with my lovely yellow rose incense, lit my working candle, said a prayer for protection and blessing, and called a conference with my spiritual tribe and the spiritual tribe of someone very important to me.  I felt like a spiritual businesswoman; an executive with a mild psychic gift.  “Alright crew, we have some issues to work on.  Does anybody have any input on how to make progress?”  This is not exactly how I planned to put my business degree to use.  😉

I opened up my spiritual journal and picked up a pencil.  It was time to take notes.  First I started the page with the date and information about the type of ritual I was doing.  As I was finishing that up, I saw a little dime-sized black spider on the wall.  It appeared to be lowering itself from behind my mirror.  My initial reaction was not “Yay, a spider!  I love spiders!”  I can promise you that.  As I contemplated smooshing it and flushing it down the toilet, I realized smooshing a creature in a space I had just declared sacred might be in poor taste.  I said a quick prayer to calm my nerves about the spider and realized it was a message or messenger.  I have been studying shamanic witchcraft, so it seems quite fitting that I get a message in the form of an animal.  Considering that mirrors are thought by some to be a portal for spirits and are also a tool for reflection, the spider coming out from under the mirror gave the message some extra pizzazz.  I believe that was my spirit tribe’s way of assuring me that seeing that spider at that time was not a coincidence.  I looked up the spider’s messages, and they really hit home.

After writing down the messages for my guidance, I felt I needed a little break before receiving messages for my loved one.  I decided to watch a few YouTube videos.  I watched a couple of amusing videos and then clicked on a video by The Lovely Little Witch.  I almost clicked off of it because I didn’t quite feel like watching the video at that time, but an inner nagging sensation told me not to click off of it.  I had an “Oh alright” moment and watched the video.  The tribes in the conference used The Lovely Little Witch as another messenger.  Her video addressed both me and my loved one.  Surprise, surprise.  I have the messages written in my journal now and it is approaching dawn.  I couldn’t just go to sleep after the conference came to a close.  Oh no.  The spider called me to write.  The spider is the guide of creativity and written expression.  The spider is a totem to those who “weave magic with the written word.”  So here I am, weaving together words about magick.  How subtle.  :-p

How can a spider with a message about writing not make a person think of Charlotte?

Something I want to make clear to newbie witches is that magick doesn’t have to feel like an electrical charge.  It doesn’t necessarily make you feel witchy or powerful (at least not in a mighty sorceress sort of way).  It can be quite subtle.  Being a witch involves so much study partially so that we can recognize signs when they are shown to us.  We can see messages that others are blind to.  Do not feel discouraged if magick does not show itself to you in an obvious way.  Study and open your eyes wider.  Blessed be y’all.

Tarot/Oracle Card Art Contemplation

Some years ago I had thought about creating my own tarot or oracle deck.  I designed maybe 2 cards and then the drive faded away.  Now I am again considering creating my own deck after seeing images of cards from the Prisma Illusions tarot deck.  Last time the idea was to work with photos to create a deck.  This time the thought is to create my own artwork with pencil and colored pencils.  I’m not saying that I aim to get the deck published or that I will even get a deck completed.  I am not a bad artist, but I am also not a professional artist.  If nothing else it could be a creative venture for my own personal development.  I estimate that it would take me a few years at least to finish a deck because of the consideration that I will likely only draw a couple of cards per month if I take on this project.  I want it to be a fun form of expression, not a chore.  I believe this will require me to get reacquainted with my old friend The Mystic Dreamer deck.  It seems I used to be quite good at reading the cards with that deck.  I never read for total strangers though.  I read for myself, Facebook friends, and people I know in person.  I never charged either.  I did it for practice and/or because somebody asked me for a reading.  The point of that semi-tangent is that I should probably become a good tarot reader again so that I really understand the tarot symbolism in order to apply it to my own deck.  It also would not hurt to start tarot reading again for the reason that it was the only witchy skill I seem to be fairly adept at.  Hopefully I will gain a varied witchy skill set through my studies.  Anywho, I just wanted to share what I am thinking.  Blessed be y’all.


I have been collecting rocks (crystals and minerals) for years.  Today I cracked open a geode for the first time.  I never bought one before because I suppose I didn’t like the idea of paying for something and not knowing what I am getting until afterward.  Recently I saw a video by TheLovelyLittleWitch on YouTube in which she mentions intuitively choosing a geode to open.  I thought I’d take a try at it after seeing geodes at a shop for $5 a pound.  I sorted through the bucket of geodes and two clicked with me.  I didn’t have enough cash for both though, so I chose the one with an audible loose piece inside.  The shopkeeper let me borrow a hammer and took me outside to direct me in the proper way to crack open a geode.  I did as instructed and bagged the loveliness up to take home and get a thorough look at later.  I can tell you now that I really do have LOVELY clear quartz geode pieces.  Here is one of them.


I believe this is the little piece that was loose inside.


I am quite pleased.  I imagine I’d be even more pleased if I could have gotten both of the geodes I was drawn to.  I really recommend that any crystal lover or witchy person try intuitively selecting your own geode and cracking it open yourself.  It is a gift that Mother Earth wrapped up and YOU get to open it.  Blessed be y’all.

Shadows & Nightmares

“A dream within a nightmare” by Ana Cruz

As some of my other posts mention, I am in the process of studying shamanic witchcraft.  This entails shadow work; a fairly new concept to me.  For those of you who don’t know what shadow work is; It is essentially the process of looking at the ‘shadows’ cast behind the light within you, admitting that they are there, and healing them.  It seems common for us, as humans, to ignore what we do not want to deal with.  Instead of dealing with all of our unpleasant emotions as they occur by letting them flow their course, we try to lock them away in a mental safe deposit box.   We also try to lock away aspects of ourselves we are ashamed or afraid of.  Those ignored unpleasant emotions and unwanted personal aspects stir within us to create our inner shadows.  A time eventually comes when that safe deposit box is full.  That is when we have personal crises.  Shadow work, as far as I can tell, is a chore that needs to be done in order to achieve inner peace.  Not only does it need to be done, it needs to be done periodically.

Now I will share the thing I most recently learned about shadow work, or at least about preparing for shadow work.  Our western culture has a major flaw in its wording in regard to emotions; We take on our emotions as a part of our identity.  This can be beneficial if we are saying “I am happy,” “I am amused,” or “I am loving.”  However, it can also be a detriment when we say we are an unpleasant emotion.  Notice the difference between “I am sad” and ” I am feeling sad.”  The first statement traps sadness in the identity.  The second statement recognizes sadness as a feeling, a changeable thing.  I should be aware of that distinction from now on when I verbally express my emotions.  Hopefully my readers also benefit from learning that distinction.  Moving on to a related topic, I shall discuss nightmares some.

Nightmares were a rather common occurrence for me when I was growing up.  Puberty is a shadow’s playground, and nightmares are the shadow’s way into your dream worlds.  I am thankful that nightmares are not so regular for me anymore.  I have picked up some preventative and coping mechanisms that likely have helped me.  I hope these tips help some others:

  1. Probably the biggest help for me has been to pray at bedtime for a protective Divine light to surround me as a sleep. If praying for the light in itself does not ease your bedtime anxiety enough, you can also pray for a guardian angel or totem to stay with you as you sleep.
  2. A ritual cleansing bath or shower may help you feel at ease.  If you feel bogged down with a negative emotion, that emotion could cross over into your dreamscape if not dealt with before bed time.  If you prefer a bath, you can add essential oils to the water.  Pray for and/or visualize the water washing away your negative emotion and transmuting it.  Imagine the negativity as a color that you associate to it.  The water can wash it off of you and down the drain or the water can turn it clear as it washes over you.
  3. If you wake up especially scared by a nightmare, don’t immediately try going back to sleep.  Give yourself five minutes or longer to shake off that fear.  Get up and get a glass of water, pet your cat or dog, or watch a funny YouTube video.
  4. If you are lucid enough to realize you are dreaming while you are having a nightmare, try saying “I direct my astral body back into my physical body now.”  You can change the wording as long as the message remains the same. This is a method to help you wake up.
  5. Although I haven’t really used this method, you might also want to try hanging a dream catcher over your bed after praying that it be blessed for its intended purpose.

That is all for this post.  Blessed be.



I made a new wand today.  🙂  I found a lovely stick outside yesterday, and today I smoothed out the ends as best as I could.  I also anointed it with an oil blend that suited me.  Now, if only I had more ideas about how to use a wand.  I don’t use a wand to cast a circle.  Any suggestions?