Spiritual Ripoff

This evening I watched a YouTube video by a woman who was hosting a 3 or 4 month program for women wanting to tap into their inner power and become like priestesses (or something of that nature).  She claimed that this program would be affordable because she was guided to make it more affordable than past programs she had done.  I believe this program was around $750.  Although I would not pay that much for a spiritual program, I did not find that outrageous.  After all, the program does last a few months.  However, the woman mentioned that a previous program she did charged around $32,000.  THIRTY-TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS!!  A person could buy land, put a down payment on a home, or pay for a college education with that.  I would be expecting to come out of that program with the inner peace of a Buddhist monk and magick powers like that of Willow Rosenberg.  I doubt any of those customers left with that combo.  I believe that spiritual workers are supposed to help people.  I do not mind them selling their services for a reasonable price because I realize that they need to make a living.  How can they be expected to help anybody else if they can’t put food on their tables?  Selling far overpriced spiritual services just makes a person seem someone who preys on those looking for guidance.  These programs don’t even necessarily cater to the individual.  If you want a one size fits all program for spiritual study, you can join a major organized religion for free or the price of a book.  If someone is offering a spiritual retreat that serves as a relaxing getaway, I can understand charging hundreds or thousands of dollars (depending on the length of a stay).  That person is running a resort that happens to offer spiritual services.  Thus, that person can ethically charge what a resort would charge.  Any other spiritual business charging that much seems like a scam.  A person who takes such advantage of people should probably not be offering spiritual instruction.


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