Crystals: The Closet Witch’s Best Tool

I stated in a previous post that I would give advice for closet witches on how to practice in a way that isn’t obvious.  In my opinion, the least obvious tool for practice is a crystal.  The only explanation necessary for why you have crystals is that you think they are pretty or you collect rocks.  You can wear a crystal pendant, carry a tumbled stone in your pocket, or simply have crystals around your bedroom to take advantage of their energies.  You can hold a crystal while you meditate.  You can also take a crystal pendant and chain off of your neck to use as a pendulum when you are alone.  You are typically going to want to cleanse your crystals, but there are some that are said to not require cleansing.  There are a number of ways to cleanse crystals, but I typically use prayer or running water.  Some crystals are better kept out of water though.  Read about your particular crystal to find out if you should keep it dry.  For someone new to crystals who would like to start off with just a few, I would recommend clear quartz, citrine, and black tourmaline.  Clear quartz is the go-to multi-purpose crystal that even works to enhance the energy of other crystals.  Citrine is considered a prosperity stone.  It has a happy energy and is one of the stones said to be self-cleansing.  You could cleanse it anyway if you feel the need.  Black tourmaline transmutes negativity and is said to be protective.  Many crystal enthusiasts would suggest amethyst, but that just is not one of my favorites.  A great thing all of these crystals have in common is that they are typically not expensive.  I hope this post helps some people.  Blessed be.


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