I am a fan of paranormal and ghost shows.  I do have a problem with them though.  I have a problem with them showing dabblers warning against ever having an interest in witchcraft or the occult because they had bad experiences.  These people had bad experiences because they went off conjuring spirits without even devoting themselves to study first.  I have been interested in witchcraft most of my life.  I am 28 years old.  I don’t conjure spirits.  I am smart enough to know not to go into a chemistry lab without a thorough knowledge of chemistry and start mixing up chemicals.  These people are making a spiritual statement equivalent to “Don’t learn chemistry because you will surely blow yourself up.”  Some people NEED to know about the occult so they can help ignorant people clean up their mess when they go dabbling.  The spirit world, just like the physical world, contains both good and bad.  We know not to wander into a dark alley alone without a knowledge of self-defense.  We know not to do this at all unless absolutely necessary.  Somehow there are people who fail to apply that concept to the spirit world.  These are the people that perpetuate unnecessary fear.  These people lend to a society in which people with alternative spirituality have to hide part of themselves to prevent shaming and shunning.  It seems wrong to me that we live in a society that gets so easily offended by political incorrectness, yet few cry out when someone makes awful, prejudice, uneducated statements about witches.  End of rant.


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