Be Like Water

When water flows along in a stream it gradually sculpts the landscape as it makes its way.  It does not try to move heavy stones.  It flows over and around them, smoothing them as time passes.  It gets to where it aims to go without destroying what is in its path.  When water crashes like a tidal wave, it can destroy everything in its path and force people to rebuild.  It is up to you to decide if you want to flow or crash.  Either way, “be like water.”


One thought on “Be Like Water

  1. Bruce Lee said “Be like water”in his book the TAO of JEET KUN DO. He was referring to the art of Flow, the ability to change directions on a dime, to work with the energy of your opponent’s Strike rather than against it. The great thing about this principle is that you can apply it to not only martial arts or spirit work, but all aspects of this traveling Freak show we call “Life”.

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