My Persephone Connection

I read the story of Persephone from an online sample of The Witch’s Goddess.  There are a couple of exerts in particular that speak to me.


My recent realization of my connection to this Archetype also connects to my recent interest in shamanic witchcraft.  I have learned that a witch, especially a shamanic witch, is a “walker between worlds” just as Persephone was.  It is common knowledge that light can be found in the physical realm with the rising of the sun.  Persephone plants seeds and spreads beauty out in this sunlight.  I find that it is also Persephone’s calling to bring light and warmth when she crosses into darkness. A Persephone brings love and beauty wherever she goes, finds existing love and beauty wherever she goes, and has the essence of a queen.  She is gentle while being strong, but her strength can become stern when the situation calls for it.  This is my core.  I am not fully true to it yet, but I am a work in progress.  This connection brings with it a sense of pride and the power that comes with better understanding oneself.  It also brings happiness.


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