TOSW: Exercise 1

I reached the first exercise in The Temple of Shamanic Witchcraft today.  I read it, but I did not do the exercise.  I did not do the exercise because I have already done it in some form or another.  The first exercise was an introductory meditation exercise.  If you have done reading on meditation, you have likely also tried this or a similar meditation exercise.  You tell your body parts to relax from your head to your toes.  Then you imagine a movie screen and count down numbers on it until you reach a meditative state.  I don’t meditate often, but I can say that this method does not work for me.  Telling my body to relax in such a way is like telling a rebellious child not to push the red button.  It’s like, “Relax?  You mean make your legs itch, your neck hot, and you need to sneeze?”  Just…no.  If you have the same problem, I will tell you the meditation exercise I have more luck with.  Basically, I pass onto you the wisdom of Chubbs, “Go to your happy place.”

For me, imagining a forest landscape with a majestic waterfall is much more relaxing than telling my body parts to relax one at a time.  I like to have animal companions/spirit animals with me the whole time I am in this place.  When good and relaxed, I can ask for guidance.  I even have a gazebo in this place where I can meet with my higher self.  As an added tip, try to sense things from time to time in your meditation.  For example, if you are imagining your feet are dangling in a creek, try to imagine what that feels like.  If you are lying on the beach, try to imagine what it feels like to have the sun warming your body.  I also believe this is a great alternative to the meditation exercises which require you to “clear your mind.”  I find clearing my mind next to impossible.  Focusing my mind is doable.  Happy meditation, y’all!


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