Something Brave and My Name

I hesitated to upload a profile picture.  My spirituality has mostly been private out of fear of condemnation.  There is safety in anonymity.  However, I know I like being able to apply a face to the posts of those I read.  It aids in a sense of connection, and my blog aims to achieve connection with like-minded souls.  Thus, I have posted a profile picture.  It is an older picture.  However, not much has changed in my appearance.  The photo seems to be a wonderful expression of my spirituality.  This small action may not seem very brave to some, but it is for me.  Additionally, it seems I have found my magickal name.  I have not yet received dream confirmation of it.  I might not receive dream confirmation of it.  It seems right though.  The magickal/spiritual name I have settled on (at least for the foreseeable future) is Persephone Rose.  Rose has been with me for years.  The Persephone is a recent addition.  You may address me with that full name, as Persephone, Rose, or Ms. Rose.  Much love to my supportive readers.


5 thoughts on “Something Brave and My Name

  1. I understand. I blogged for many years about New Age material in Secret before I had the courage to post about it on Facebook. I am still hesitant about how my family will react. It was personally important to me to come out of hiding. There is no shame in hiding, only if/when you are ready should you do otherwise. There was much learning I had to learn before I felt ready. I needed to truly respect others beliefs, and understand that my acceptance of myself was more important then how others accept me.

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    1. My family is mostly unaware, and largely should remain that way. I am on the Bible Belt after all. I am thankful that my fiance, although not particularly spiritual himself, is accepting of my general witchiness/eclectic spirituality.


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