TOSW Chapter 3

Chapter 3 of The Temple of Shamanic Witchcraft focuses on sacred space.  Specifically, it discusses the directions with their associations, the circle, and smudging.  I like some of the wording used in Penczak’s circle casting invocation.  This gave me ideas for my spiritual journal (you might call it a book of shadows) and basically reaffirmed some concepts I have already heard Pyperh discuss on YouTube.  Pyperh has stated that she adjusted the directional associations to fit her way of thought and that a witch might decide that a particular herb works better for a particular purpose than an herb more popularly used for that purpose. Penczak has also adjusted the associations, and he prefers to smudge with a blend of herbs that he likes instead of sage.  It is nice that she and Penczak agree, as I respect her opinion.  I do not know that I have previously put much thought into the associations with the directions.  I have basically took them for what I knew them to generally be.  After reading from this chapter, I now think that a reassignment of sorts better suits my way of thinking.  To me, it seems to make more sense for fire to be in the North and earth to be in the South.  This is because the sun is above us and the earth is below us.  A benefit of being a solitary practitioner is that I don’t have to conform to the beliefs of coven mates for ritual.  It could still take some time to adjust.  Another interesting aspect of the information in this chapter was the assignment of animal spirits to the directions when creating a sacred space for shamanic work.  The animals Penczak assigns do not particularly resonate with me, so I think I am going to assign different animals to those directions and add one to the center.  As for smudging, I will likely continue to use Primo’s clean-burning incense.  I have the yellow rose incense sticks by that brand, and they are lovely for creating a light-hearted, peaceful atmosphere.  Blessed be you readers.


3 thoughts on “TOSW Chapter 3

  1. I had never thought of reassigning the elemental directions. Very interesting and much to think about. When I was beginning with witchcraft however, I had some sense of an association between the four elements and different breeds of large cat. For north I had cougar, with whom I know you are familiar. For south and fire I had lion. For west and water I had panther. For air I had cheetah, (she runs like the wind, you see). Something about each element having a distinct feline quality appealed to me.

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