The Cat and The Oak

Today (now yesterday, as it has passed midnight) has been a very studious day for me in regard to shamanic witchiness.  Many hours were put into a combination of meditation, contemplation, and research.  I now have my shamanic circle mapped out in my journal for future reference; Mission accomplished.  As I was sitting on the couch, I thought about how it might be a little strange that the crazy cat lady that I am does not have a domestic type of cat charted out on my circle of animal guides.  I then thought something along the lines of “I am basically the human embodiment of a domestic cat, so I guess having one for a guide is unnecessary.”  Granted I do lack some kitty traits (I will not purposely knock a drink over).  Around this time I had read a couple blog posts about magical principles and characteristics of a magickal-minded person.  The cat and I became aware that the wind was blowing with a notable level of fierceness.  The trees bent to one side as they were met with force, and I thought a storm might be coming.  Keep in mind that I live in a partially wooded area (very wooded before recent deforestation-this change is not a happy one).  The strong wind did not last long, and no storm came.  The wind brought me a gift; a sign.  The cat noticed it first.  I followed his attention.  This wind blew a little white oak branch right to my sliding glass door;  leaves included.  I didn’t seem to notice any other new branches strewn along the back yard, so it seems that this branch was meant for me.  The oak tree is considered sacred in various traditions. ” Nordic and other legends also say that the Oak tree is the gateway to the three worlds of the Shaman.”  White Oak bark is also known to be used as medicine.

I plucked off the loose leaves from my little branch, inspected it for bugs, and then placed it on my altar.  Not long after that I had to journey into the front yard on a quest to retrieve my dad’s cell phone from his truck.  I found oak leaves on the front porch, what seemed to be an oak leaf as big as my face to the side of the walkway, and another little oak branch near the truck in the driveway.  It was as if some force wanted to be very sure I got the message.  If you are thinking “Well of course wind would blow leaves around in the woods,” I’d like to make it clear that there are a variety of trees around here.  This, however, seemed to be a white oak party and I was invited.  Secondly, I’d like to point out that most of these leaves were brown.  The big leaf I mentioned happened to be green.  It is the middle of the summer and most of the leaves you are going to see around here are green.  It was as if the wind decided to tell these dead leaves, “Hey, you have stayed in the tree long enough.  It is time to leave and let new growth begin.”  No ‘leave’ pun intended, but it is appreciated.  To finish this post, I hope you all are able to shake those dead leaves off of your trees.


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