So Many Hummingbirds

I have spent most of my life seemingly without seeing hummingbirds in person.  It seems I started seeing them this year.  I saw a couple where I live and a couple at my Grandmother’s hummingbird feeder over the course of maybe 4 months.  I brought a hummingbird feeder home maybe a couple months ago and the only creatures I saw feeding at it were a bunch of ants.  They were lined up like they were at a cafeteria, crawling in an out of the little plastic flowers.  I was so irritated that only ants were using the feeder that I decided not to refill the feeder.

Yesterday morning I decided I was going to sit by an open window and just observe nature.  I listened to the sounds of the birds, watched different types land here and there, including on the sweet gum tree outside of my bedroom window. This is the tree from which my hummingbird feeder hangs.  As I was sitting by the window, a hummingbird showed up to check out the empty feeder.  I finally saw one come up to it and it was empty!  I got excited and decided it was worth a try to refill the feeder.  A marvel followed.  I had maybe 10-15 hummingbird sightings yesterday.  Some were surely the same bird, and some of those sightings included two birds at once.  One of them even hovered a bit in the space between the feeder and the window.  He or she was checking me out.  Today I was sitting on my grandmother’s porch with her.  She has a hummingbird feeder maybe 8 feet or so away from where we were sitting on the glider.  Once again, the hummingbird sightings were plenty.  A couple of them partaking in shenanigans together flew so close that one missed flying into my grandmother by maybe a couple of feet.  Hummingbirds are said to be messengers of joy.  Let me tell you they certainly are that for me.  When I see a hummingbird, I feel similar to a child getting a puppy on Christmas morning.  I do a happy dance in my mind and I smile.  This excitement may have something to do with their recent entrance into my life, but I’m sure it also has to do with the quirky cuteness and beauty of the birds.  The wonderful experience of witnessing so many hummingbirds would not have come if I had not taken the time to just sit quietly and observe nature.  Sometimes we need to just be quiet and pay attention.


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