How Do You Know You’re a Witch? – Explaining the Natural Witch

I recently watched a video of a witch explaining how you know if you are a witch.  Her answer was simple; “You just know.”  It’s true.  People have a tendency to be overly analytical at times.  This means it can be difficult for a person to just be quiet and listen to his or her instincts.  People from my generation were fed images of witches in The Craft, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and Harry Potter.  We were lead to believe that a “natural witch” is someone like Sarah (from The Craft) who can turn a pencil with her mind or make lightening strike a branch with pure intention.  Maybe some witches are capable of such things, but I figure that is quite rare.  Chances are your realization that you are a witch is not going to come at you like a parade.  Instead, it is far more likely to be like a gentle hand on your shoulder.  The most accurate representation of a witch I have found in entertainment media is Cassie from The Good Witch.  Being a natural witch is having words like “witch” and/or “priestess” feel like home to you.  When you are reading a good witchy book, you find yourself having “Aha!” moments.  Those moments might be accompanied by the tingling sensation of developing goosebumps.  Perhaps you have tried to deny yourself the acceptance of being a witch because of the negative connotations society places on that word, but that knowing lingers even when you refuse to a shine a light on it.  It stays there in the depths of your psyche whispering at you in your waking hours, and sometimes screaming at you in your dreams.  It is a part of you.  It is like a seed that stays dormant until you really become aware of it.  When you become aware of it, it grows into an awareness that you just can’t deny.  To deny it would be to lie to yourself.  If someone is partaking in witchcraft without feeling a natural connection to it, I’m not sure that person can really call himself/herself a witch.  After all, sitting on a church pew does not make a person a Christian.


6 thoughts on “How Do You Know You’re a Witch? – Explaining the Natural Witch

  1. “To deny it would be to lie to yourself.” I might make a post of this on my own blog, but yes. I have experienced this. I have had and continue to have those a-ha! moments you talk about, and yet, when I came into Hellenism, I tried my damndest to sit on those feelings because, in strict Hellenism, witchcraft is unacceptable. But, as you said, I was lying to myself and that made my life very uncomfortable and unpleasant in that area. It doesn’t just go away because you will it. Now, my m.0. is to commingle the two traditions. It’s a tough row to hoe, but in the end it will be worth it to have all sides of my spiritual self actualized. Thank you for this post.

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