My Smoky Herkimer

Kitty also seems fond of this crystal.

I previously posted about how I choose crystals.   I found this lovely crystal on a recent visit to a gem mine shop.  There were different bins of crystals with different prices.  I found this beauty in a $5 bin.  I was not sure what kind of stone this is.  My best guess would have been smoky quartz.   The form it has interested me though.  After a couple employees were unable to identify it, they got the attention of an apparently more knowledgeable employee.  He claimed with certainty that it is a smoky Herkimer diamond.  This was great news because I had been looking over the place for Herkimer diamonds (a type of Quartz).  I would not have guessed this crystal was one of them though.  He continued to state “It isn’t a very good one though.”  He got out some “good” Herkimers that are kept behind the counter and I took a glimpse at little clear Herkimers that cost $30 each.  I already have one small Herkimer and I got it for a dollar at another mine shop.  I declined the “good” Herkimers and purchased/adopted my smoky one.   After I rinsed her off at home and got some sunlight on her, I was in awe of her sparkle and various details.  “Not a very good one” was a definite misjudgment.   Perhaps, from his perspective, a good one is one that can be nicely made into jewelry.  I didn’t need a crystal for that purpose though.  I have found that this is my grounding crystal.   It works wonderfully for that purpose.   The message of this post is to trust your own instincts over the opinions of experts when it comes to choosing your crystals.   If you find a quartz mixed in gravel that appeals to you, don’t feel silly for picking it up.


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