Gender Associations

After reading a rant about why Bruce (Now Caitlyn) Jenner should not say he (now she) identifies as a woman, it occurred to me that I might not qualify to identify as a woman by that ranting woman’s standards.  I have had this belief that being born as a female and living my life as a female made me a woman.  Nope.  Apparently this is not so.  Apparently you can’t be a woman unless you have children or are trying to have children.  Most of this woman’s remarks on what a person needs to identify with in order to be a woman revolve around the ability to have children, raising children, or wanting desperately to have children if you don’t already have them.  Thus, if you are a female who does not want children or has gracefully accepted infertility, you may not qualify to be a woman.  If you are happily childless but want children eventually, you will probably qualify to be a woman when you start trying to get pregnant.  Having a husband might also be a requirement according to what I read.  Does this seem ridiculous?  If it does, that is because it is ridiculous.

What is really required to be a woman?

  1. Being an adult.
  2. Being born female, and/or
  3. Feeling as though you are female and presenting yourself thusly to the world.

Isn’t that simple?  I don’t understand all the fuss over gender associations.  I don’t understand how John becoming Jane affects anyone who is not an important part of that person’s life.  Jane is not going to be a less skilled accountant/cashier/pharmacist, etc. than John has been.  No matter a person’s gender, that person is a human being.  Live and let live.


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