I have been collecting rocks (crystals and minerals) for years.  Today I cracked open a geode for the first time.  I never bought one before because I suppose I didn’t like the idea of paying for something and not knowing what I am getting until afterward.  Recently I saw a video by TheLovelyLittleWitch on YouTube in which she mentions intuitively choosing a geode to open.  I thought I’d take a try at it after seeing geodes at a shop for $5 a pound.  I sorted through the bucket of geodes and two clicked with me.  I didn’t have enough cash for both though, so I chose the one with an audible loose piece inside.  The shopkeeper let me borrow a hammer and took me outside to direct me in the proper way to crack open a geode.  I did as instructed and bagged the loveliness up to take home and get a thorough look at later.  I can tell you now that I really do have LOVELY clear quartz geode pieces.  Here is one of them.


I believe this is the little piece that was loose inside.


I am quite pleased.  I imagine I’d be even more pleased if I could have gotten both of the geodes I was drawn to.  I really recommend that any crystal lover or witchy person try intuitively selecting your own geode and cracking it open yourself.  It is a gift that Mother Earth wrapped up and YOU get to open it.  Blessed be y’all.


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