How To Save A Life

This is a very deep post. It is worth a read.

Pathways Of Wisdom

I have a shameful secret that I have never shared with anyone.  I have prayed a horrible prayer.  I began praying this prayer when I was about 12 years old.  I’ve presented God with the same request a thousand times.  She has never answered…until now.  Finally, she has shown up in the most grandest way, not only granting my wish, but essentially offering me a choice and returning the question by asking me – is this request still valid?

As a highly sensitive person, I have taken in life deeply.  Every joy is massive, and every sorrow is unbearable.  I’ve known wrenching heartbreak on so many levels that by my 45th year in life the collective consciousness of the cells in my body were no longer healthy. My inner critic had so drastically destroyed even the smallest semblance of self love that I could no longer distinguish truth or…

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