Tarot/Oracle Card Art Contemplation

Some years ago I had thought about creating my own tarot or oracle deck.  I designed maybe 2 cards and then the drive faded away.  Now I am again considering creating my own deck after seeing images of cards from the Prisma Illusions tarot deck.  Last time the idea was to work with photos to create a deck.  This time the thought is to create my own artwork with pencil and colored pencils.  I’m not saying that I aim to get the deck published or that I will even get a deck completed.  I am not a bad artist, but I am also not a professional artist.  If nothing else it could be a creative venture for my own personal development.  I estimate that it would take me a few years at least to finish a deck because of the consideration that I will likely only draw a couple of cards per month if I take on this project.  I want it to be a fun form of expression, not a chore.  I believe this will require me to get reacquainted with my old friend The Mystic Dreamer deck.  It seems I used to be quite good at reading the cards with that deck.  I never read for total strangers though.  I read for myself, Facebook friends, and people I know in person.  I never charged either.  I did it for practice and/or because somebody asked me for a reading.  The point of that semi-tangent is that I should probably become a good tarot reader again so that I really understand the tarot symbolism in order to apply it to my own deck.  It also would not hurt to start tarot reading again for the reason that it was the only witchy skill I seem to be fairly adept at.  Hopefully I will gain a varied witchy skill set through my studies.  Anywho, I just wanted to share what I am thinking.  Blessed be y’all.


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