Offerings are a part of the spiritual practice of many.  I am going to offer up my thoughts about offerings.  This post will be short and simple.

  1. I do not believe that a tangible offering is necessary for working with The Divine or my spiritual tribe.  Though I understand leaving an offering as a representation of thanks, I do not believe that God and Goddess or my spiritual tribe require my wine, frankincense, or any other physical item.  The only offerings that are really necessary are my attention, cooperation, love, trust, respect, and gratitude.
  2. I will sometimes make an offering to nature spirits.  The fae are not a part of my spirit tribe.  Their duty is to nature, not to me.  Thus, if I want their help with something, I may intently sprinkle some dried herbs outside for them.  Currently I have lavender and calendula to serve that purpose.  Planting a garden could also serve as an offering to these spirits.

Like I said, short and simple.  Blessed be y’all.


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