A Procession of Dreams and the Unlived Lives

Night Dreams by Yuri Pysar

I completed my degree program earlier this year.  With this completion came the hard-hitting reality that I still have some serious ducks to get in a row before I can become a financially independent adult deemed successful by society.  There were roadblocks that I am still working on, and I knew this meant I was going to have quite a bit of free time.  I could have used this free time to wallow in a state of worry and guilt over not being a 9 to 5 contributing member of society.  I instead made the conscious decision that I would use this time at a rest stop along the highway of life to refocus on my spirituality.  I have been aware of my inner priestess/witch for so long, but she has so often taken a backseat to distractions.  Yet, whenever I have found myself drowning in negative emotions and being crippled by negative thought patterns, she finds a way to remind me that my peace is found by working with The Divine.  This decision to refocus on my spirituality has been met with messages of love, affirmation, and healing.  Some of these messages have come to me in the form of dreams.  Although they are quite personal, I will share details of these dreams.  Those who think in a closed-minded, mundane way would likely mock what I share.  However, I do not share this post for those people.  I share this post for those who walk a path similar to my own.  I hope that by sharing my messenger dreams and interpretations, I can inspire like-minded people to pay attention to their own messenger dreams that are delivered with an instinctive knowing of their importance.   Much love to my fellow seekers.  Now, in order, my messenger dreams so far this year:

  1. I believe it was quite soon after I made the decision to focus on my spirituality that I received the first dream in this sequence.  It was a dream of welcoming.  I was in a room that had glass french doors that separated the room from a balcony.  I could see that it was dim and misty outside, and one or two woodpeckers flew onto the balcony along with three owls.  I noticed the owls, especially one particular owl, was staring at me.  I became joyously excited.  My dad, who was also in the room, asked if I wanted the owl(s) and I said I did.  Interpretation:  Woodpeckers get our attention and teach about opportunity.  Owls bring wisdom and change.  The Divine expressed readiness to come to me when I am ready to receive Divine wisdom.
  2. The second dream I will call the Persephone dream.  I didn’t realize the dream’s message at the time.  I just knew it was significant enough that I had to record its details.  In this dream I traveled across a dark, magickal body of water.  I was among a group of people (we were co-workers in this dream), with 2-4 people in each little canoe-type boat.  We were traveling so that they could say goodbye to the deceased co-worker I had replaced (that means we were traveling to the spirit world).  I marveled at this strange, dark body of water and was in awe at the sight of a leaping water dragon. (This was not the first time I have dreamed of such a body of water.)  An unpleasant female commented that if I liked it too much the water and its beings would devour me.  We arrived to a large rock with doors that sat on what was basically a small island of rock.  After entering into a lobby in the structure and waiting in a hallway to be allowed past a door into the spirit world landscape, a man wearing armor opened the door from the other side to let us in.  I mentioned I was worried that I was not wearing shoes, which suggested I was afraid I would get hurt walking across the landscape.  That turned out to not be a problem because I discovered I could float in the air above the ground there.  My group mates, armed with daggers, soon had to face battle with random creatures.  I noticed I was now wearing a long, flowing, white dress, and the man who opened the door was embracing me from behind with his head over/on my shoulder.  He was floating along with me and speaking to me in a comforting way.  I expressed concern for a girl from the group I liked as I saw her fighting for her life, and me and my companion continued to float across the landscape toward a palace.  I did not have a weapon like the other group members, but I found that I could protect myself with magick/energy that flowed from my hands.  As we got to the peaceful area of the land, a woman’s voice announced through an intercom system that Queen Mary Magdelana (It seemed to be pronounced by that spelling, not Magdalena) had returned home.  Apparently that was my name in this place.  The people of the kingdom and the man holding me were gleeful about my return.  He told me that I was his wife as we arrived at the palace grounds.  He said he had been disappointed in me because my personal creation (meaning full personal development and enlightenment) was not finished like his and the others in the kingdom.  This previously caused him to feel like I was inferior, but then they realized that I had not brought the two sides of myself together yet because of a great plan.  He informed me that my creation/completion was tied to a change that was taking place in the world (presumably the physical world) and that when my creation/joining of sides was complete, it would mark the end of that period of change.  He smiled at me and complimented my beauty.  I could feel love emanating from him as he embraced me while I was trying to process all of this information.    Interpretation:  A symbolic message of my spiritual reawakening and hint at the Persephone archetype that I found a connection with a month or so later.
  3. I dreamed of a beautiful, purple butterfly with glittering wings.  Even when it was right on my face, I couldn’t get anybody (not even family members) to pay attention and share my excitement.  I got frustrated until awe was inspired in me again by the butterfly radiating and growing in the sunlight after moving to my forearm.  It then flew up to rest on one of my eyelids and I peacefully stood alone looking out at my surroundings with my open eye.  Then two little girls took notice of the butterfly and shared in my excitement.  Interpretation:  Even though my loved ones may not share my excitement and interest in spirituality, I will encounter people who see what I see and share my enthusiasm if I keep my eye on The Divine.
  4. I dreamed I was in my high school cafetorium (a cafeteria which also functions as an auditorium), seemingly there to help a small group of people prepare for a reunion.  The coordinator handed me a photo of me with some classmates.  I was surprised and baffled to discover all of the classmates sitting together in the photo looked like me wearing different outfits.  Interpretation:  The multiple self images represented my unlived lives (paths I had wanted to take but did not) and the different aspects of myself I had forgotten about.  It is important for me to recognize these aspects of self and incorporate their interests into the life I am living.
  5. I dreamed I was living in a house with some other random people and one particular female peer was getting on my last nerve.  I ended up looking out a large (like floor to ceiling) window to the back yard and noticed a cute little dog.  The dog looked like the same type of dog a friend of mine has.  She happened to be in the house also, so I called her over to look at the little dog.  When I looked back, a large dog was in that spot instead.  It got up and walked away, revealing a wounded tiger that had been underneath it.  The tiger pitifully limped its way over to go under the house.  I immediately wanted to contact a local zoo or animal control to come help the tiger.  The aggravating woman was quick to try to present herself as a friendly ally speaking in my best interest.  She tried to talk me out of getting the tiger help.  She was trying to tell me the authorities would blame me and I’d get in trouble.  I was still determined to help.  Interpretation:  The tiger is an animal that I have long imagined at my side in my meditations. Whenever I have went to my inner sanctuary, a tiger has sat beside me on a rock by a waterfall.  This dream was telling me that I must tend to my inner peace.  I must not let aggravators take away from my clarity of thought.

That is it for the dream procession at this time.  If you are interested in learning about the unlived lives, I recommend you watch this video that helped me:


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