I seemed to have two dreams of significance throughout my morning slumber.  The first dream was a nightmare.  I dreamed I was lying in bed with my cat and it was dark in the room except for the light from my electric fireplace.  I reached over and hugged my cat but I could tell he was frightened by something as he tried to wiggle out of my arms to run.  I realized something was not right in the room and got out of bed to go to my bedroom door.  I found that an unseen force had moved furniture to block access to the door from inside the room.  I was scared and quickly moved the furniture aside.  I hurried out of my room to go to my Dad’s room for refuge. The light was on and my older brother was also in my Dad’s room.  I sat on my dad’s bed and explained what just happened.  I looked down and saw bruises on my right forearm that were the size and shape of baby/child sized hands and possibly little footprint shaped bruises.  I freaked out and my brother got very concerned when he saw the bruises.  He scornfully told me that the first thing I needed to do was clean my room because Dad had told him it was a mess.  This statement pissed me off because I had been working on getting my room clean already and/or I didn’t see what relevance that had when I was terrified.  I snapped some short statement back at him and then woke up.  This dream effected me enough that I waited a couple of hours to go back to sleep in order to prevent going into a series of nightmares.  I interpret this dream as a message of the importance of making sure I have things in order when doing shadow work.  It warned how scary shadow work can be, and thus I need to be able to find my way to safety without being blocked or tripped by obstacles placed by my shadow selves.  It also warned that I need to be wise about how to deal with negative energies.

The other dream was more of an affirmation.  I appeared to be one of a group of people scattered about a little area around a highway.  There were also some bystanders outside of the group.  I was in an RV at the side of the road with a couple of bystanders when those in the group I was apart of were told that some money had been taken and we were tasked to find it.  It was as though we were in a contest.  As the others involved in the cash hunt hurried off frantically down the highway to find the money, I immediately looked at a nearby little cookie jar/canister on a shelf in the RV.  A couple of men watched as I opened the jar and pull out a substantial wad of money.  They laughed a little, seemingly amused at how easy it was for me to find it.  I gave them a little smirk, pocketed the money, and I calmly continued to participate in the search apparently thinking there might be more to find.  The other people involved in the search remained unaware of what I had found.   My interpretation of this dream is based around what money symbolizes; the means by which we achieve security and the things that bring us happiness.  I had the clarity and simplicity of thought to look right in front of me for what I needed.  I just opened a jar that was within reach and found much of what I was looking for.  It was that easy.  I suppose the bystanders represented others who know this truth.  The others in my group hectically journeyed to hunt down what they where searching for as if it were on the move to elude them.  This shows that we already have much of what we need within our grasp.  There is likely more we can gain somewhere along our paths, but we should make sure we don’t overlook what we already have access to.


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