A major flaw in our society is the contradiction that exists between being told to love ourselves while being taught that being selfless is good.  Females are often taught that a good woman, and especially a good mother, is selfless.  I agree that selfless acts tend to be good.  I agree that the needs of children should be met first.  However, I do not recommend being a selfless person.  Think of yourself as the home in which your loved ones live.  If you always neglect home maintenance in favor of doing what you think will make your loved ones happy, that home is likely to collapse on them.  There is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself.  No matter what anyone else tells you, it is not bad to want more out of your life than taking care of other people.  If you love to paint, make time to paint.  If you love to play video games, play video games.  If you love to meditate, meditate.  It may not be easy for some to make such an adjustment.  Selfless people may be more likely to attract very selfish people.  Overly selfish people will not be happy when their loved ones do not always put them first.  Balance is important though.  We must love ourselves as we love other people.  Remember that.


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