Shadow Work Insight

The two faces of Persephone by Corina Chirila

As those who subscribe to my blog know, I have been reading The Temple of Shamanic Witchcraft and learning about shadow work.  The Four Queens channel on YouTube has also been a help in this process.  According to TOSW and other sources, shadow work is about searching for the things you have buried in the depth of your psyche, shining a light on them, and working with them to prevent them from taking over.  Yesterday I read an article by a woman discussing her struggles related to one particular issue she has had.  It dawned on me that I have been doing shadow work for a long time without knowing it by that name.  For me, the shadow has not been stored away in a mental closet.  The shadow was the house I lived in for many years.  It was home despite my struggles there.  Fanning a flame within that dark space was shadow work.  Now the figurative house I live in has two levels.  It has a basement where the shadow dwells, and a main floor resembling a sunroom.  The door to the basement is usually open and I tend to find myself hanging out in that in-between area.  The light shines upon me, illuminating half of me with a radiant glow.  The other half of me is cast in a silhouette down that basement staircase.  This should have been more obvious to me earlier due to my Persephone connection.  I still have plenty to learn, but I am well aware of myself.  Hopefully my studies will better equip me to deal with my issues.  I read that a common trait among healers is that they have went through an intense initiation of suffering.  This makes sense to me. How can a person help to heal others if that person does not know how to heal his or herself?  Perhaps I am on the path of a healer.  Perhaps the words I type throughout my many blog posts will help to heal at least one person.  Perhaps the wisdom I acquire will help loved ones if they decide to seek guidance from me.  I have long felt that I have a priestess soul.  The journey is the process of strengthening her.


2 thoughts on “Shadow Work Insight

  1. Many years ago I got a book “the goddess inside” (or something like that). It was looking at the psychological archetypes of Greek Goddesses. When I read it, it was very clear that the energies of Persephone were resonating the most with me. Looking at what she was representing there was no doubt. I loved the story. Nice post

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