The world is full of scared, ignorant, and angry people.  Thus, such people inevitably will take center stage when any religion or cause is being represented.  The media and society in general are less likely to latch onto and perpetuate messages of love.  The news seems to tell far more stories about people being robbed, raped, murdered, and (goodness forbid) offended than stories of people being kind.  That doesn’t mean people have stopped being kind; It means the media doesn’t think kindness is as interesting as drama and hatred.  An imbalance is created as the result of a false appearance of imbalance.  People mistake their beliefs for facts, and the scales get tipped some more.  Those who try to promote messages of peace and understanding are like salmon trying to swim upstream to a purer place, and are likely suffering from extreme exhaustion.   Society uses labels to lump people together with the oversimplified thought that those who share a label are the same.  The truth is that different people can attach different ideas to the same labels.  For example, some people consider a Christian to be somebody who regularly attends church and avoids people who are sinful.  Other people consider a Christian to be somebody who loves Christ and helps others instead of judging them.  Thus you can have two people who refer to themselves as a Christian with one person turning a “sinner” away and the other person embracing the “sinner.”   It’s so easy to judge people.  It’s easy to lump them together and declare disgust.  I am not without guilt in this regard.  However, wouldn’t it be lovely if we all tried to be more thoughtful and kind?  I don’t expect such a thing to happen, but what a dream it is.


2 thoughts on “Consideration

  1. Perhaps the news is so focused on the negative, that you do not see the ever increasing positive. That you don’t see it on T.V. doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. For an uplift check out the Kindness Blog, or another such source of good news.

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