In the Light and Dark

It has been a while since I have posted.  My muses had me on a roll for a while, and then they wandered off presumably to vacation or help others.  They did pop in the other day for a visit.  I saw a post on my facebook newsfeed that stirred my thoughts.  There was a bible verse; 1 John 1:5.

God is Light; In Him there is no darkness at all.

What I find wrong with this verse is that it perpetuates the “Light is good, and Dark is bad” concept that is deeply rooted in Christianity (and probably some other religions).  I admit that I call upon a Divine light of protection to surround me sometimes before I go to sleep or before I do anything magickal.  I do this because it is a method of spiritual protection that I have learned that works for me.  It is a wonderful and positive light.  However, the goodness of light does not automatically mean the dark is bad for being different.  There is goodness to be found in the dark as well.

Darkness takes away our ability to see our surroundings, and that can certainly be unnerving.  Darkness gets a  bad reputation because it is known for hiding things that lurk and want to harm us.   I do not deny those things exist in darkness, but negative energies can also exist in the light of day.

Light brings the gifts of sight and warmth.  We can take a torch with us into the darkness to keep those gifts with us.  Darkness also brings gifts.  It is when we close our eyes that we stop looking at the outside world, and thus we tune into the inner world.  We process our feelings and intuition.  The wolf that fooled you into thinking he was a sheep might lose the advantage of his disguise.  We may realize that along with all of the unseen beings that we fear there can be a protective Force keeping us safe even when we do not have torches.  Love exists throughout day and night.  Darkness can be found during the day, and light can be found during the night.  Whatever it is that you are looking for will influence what you find.  Furthermore, you might remove boundaries that have been limiting your peace and wisdom if you can learn to observe without searching for anything in particular.  Blessed be, y’all.