I Awaken when the Weather Sings


I awaken when the weather sings.  I do not refer to the times when the weather calls out like a banshee, bringing chaos and despair.  I refer to those moments when the rain is meeting my window glass or the wind is gently swaying the tree branches as it transports leaves or snow.  I hear these sounds like a voice telling me, “Go.  Read.  Write.  Observe.  Nurture your soul.”  I hurry to open my blinds.  I open my window if the weather permits.  I observe.  I close my eyes occasionally to listen with more appreciation.  I pick up a book that tells me about some spiritual topic, and I read until the inspiration leaves or carries me elsewhere.  In our modern world with gadgets and a vast electronic library, perhaps many have a problem in that they do not listen to rain or wind.  Maybe if more people took the time to listen to the wind, they could remember to take a deep breath.  What I know is that I was watching television this evening when I heard a downpour start.  I glanced through the glass door and moments later I knew I had to turn the television off.  It was time to open the blinds, light a candle, and read a book.  Our shows can be entertaining escapes from reality.  Nature can be an awakening to realities that are escapes.  Blessed be, y’all.



I just read the phrase “summoning angels.”  Surely I am not the only person uncomfortable with wording that suggests angels are under human authority instead of Divine helpers and guardians to be respected.  I think the phrase “requesting angelic presence” is much more respectful.  

Waking Up from Hibernation

The past few months I seem to have been in a sort of hibernation, both physically and magickally/spiritually.  I have felt lethargic and somewhat uninspired.  If one were to pay attention to my previous blog activity, I was posting a lot of material the first few months of this blog.  The muse wasn’t just whispering in my ear, she was tugging on my hand and speaking aloud.  I was taking in a lot of information.  I was driven to watch as many witchy YouTube videos as possible by YouTubers that resonate with me.  I was binge reading witchy blogs.  I had a few dreams last year that seemed like important spiritual messages being delivered to me.  I decided to take on a year and a day book course in shamanic witchcraft and report some details of that.  I had also found the energy to make a commitment to start exercising regularly.

Then it stopped.  Maybe not a full halt, but inspiration was coming in at a sluggish rate at best.  The witchy videos didn’t catch my attention that much (except for the past life topic videos), my year and a day book was barely getting handled, my blogs got quite short and infrequent, the message dreams were not coming in, and the exercise enthusiasm keeled over.  My body and mind seem to have been demanding a serious amount of rest.  Some reading this might think it sounds like I was in a depressive state, but I have not been depressed.  My mood has been fine.  I am not out of this state of hibernation yet.  I thankfully seem to be waking up from it though.  The sunlight is bending into the cave entrance.  A breeze is quietly whistling by my ears, and a voice is telling me to start stretching because a time of activity is coming.

Finally, a message dream did come.  Maybe two or three weeks ago a rather usual dream I have (granted it does come in variations) suddenly seemed important.  I woke up from dreaming about a library and didn’t just shrug it off.  It occurred to me that these dreams I have of familiar libraries in nearby places (that do not actually exist outside of my dreams) could be telling me that it was time to start studying again, especially in metaphysical topics.  I remember years ago one of these dreams was so strong and real to me that when I woke up I actually checked online to see if that library existed.  I knew well in full wakefulness that there was no library where I dreamed of it, but the dream was strong enough that it momentarily blurred the line of reality.  In these dreams I walk into libraries with various appearances, that are not libraries in reality, but often welcome me as though I am coming into a second home that I have been to before.  It is almost baffling that I do not recall having previously linked these dreams to the importance of study in my life.  It seems fitting that such a dream would help nudge my reawakening.

Since then I have read some from my year and a day book (granted not always in order).  I cleansed and charged some crystals with moonlight.  I burned a bit of a Fraser fir branch in the fireplace on Imbolc for good luck.  I watched a half hour discussion between witches on the topic of astral projection.  And today I took advantage of the wind by opening a window and asking the air to cleanse my room (which is my sacred space), charge my crystal familiar with air energy/magick, and to heal me (I have respiratory problems).  More difficult than getting back on track with my witchiness will be getting back on track with exercise.  I will surely be using my spirituality to help get me moving again and in better shape.  That sums up this update.  Blessed be, y’all.


A nifty image I found online that rings true with me.