I Awaken when the Weather Sings


I awaken when the weather sings.  I do not refer to the times when the weather calls out like a banshee, bringing chaos and despair.  I refer to those moments when the rain is meeting my window glass or the wind is gently swaying the tree branches as it transports leaves or snow.  I hear these sounds like a voice telling me, “Go.  Read.  Write.  Observe.  Nurture your soul.”  I hurry to open my blinds.  I open my window if the weather permits.  I observe.  I close my eyes occasionally to listen with more appreciation.  I pick up a book that tells me about some spiritual topic, and I read until the inspiration leaves or carries me elsewhere.  In our modern world with gadgets and a vast electronic library, perhaps many have a problem in that they do not listen to rain or wind.  Maybe if more people took the time to listen to the wind, they could remember to take a deep breath.  What I know is that I was watching television this evening when I heard a downpour start.  I glanced through the glass door and moments later I knew I had to turn the television off.  It was time to open the blinds, light a candle, and read a book.  Our shows can be entertaining escapes from reality.  Nature can be an awakening to realities that are escapes.  Blessed be, y’all.


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