Sometimes Living in the Moment is Not Easy

I usually take things day by day and try not worry about the future.  I just appreciate the blessings I have and have faith that things will work out well.  However, sometimes I have days like today.  Today I find myself concerned over what career I should be in.  I admit that I am currently unemployed and living with my Dad because of transportation issues.  I am going to be 29 this year and have very little money to my name.  I worry about how long it will be before I can afford my own home.  I worry about being able to find a career that I will enjoy and excel at.  I have tried to receive Divine guidance on the subject, but my mind enters a state of chaotic chatter instead of clarity.  I realize I am blessed in many ways and it is a privilege to not have to work for a while.  I am thankful that my Dad can afford to take care of me.  It is frustrating though to not know something you really want to know.  In the past tarot cards have served well to guide me.  However, there are no tarot cards with career descriptions.  I do not want to be someone who works a job they dislike and barely makes ends meet.  I want to know in what career I can best help others while helping myself.  They say follow your passion, but my passion would be to work at a new age store.  We have no new age stores nearby.  The job market for sales associates at new age stores is not exactly staggering either.  I also doubt they pay much above minimum wage.  I know the career dilemma is a common one.  There isn’t much point to this post other than for me to vent and assure others dealing with the same issue that they are not alone.    Blessed be, y’all.


Bottle Spell

I got an idea for a spell this morning as I was thinking about the need for improved health in a loved one.  I’m guessing plenty of others have done a similar spell, so I don’t claim to be original here.  I did this spell with my own specific intention of improving someone’s health, but you could easily adjust it with your specific intention.  You can surely adjust wording to compliment your beliefs and preference too.  I believe in God and Goddess.  I also don’t usually feel the need for rhyming or being fancy.  This is a general guideline for a simple spell.  Note I felt a need for this spell.  I believe a spell is much more likely to work if there is a real need for it.

What you will need:

  • a bottle (a glass bottle if you are using essential oils)
  • contents for the bottle that represent what your spell needs to bring
  • a clear intention


Focus on your intention for each item as you add it to the bottle.  I addressed Father and Mother (this can be done in the mind or aloud).  I used a small glass bottle that previously contained syrup.  You can use something more decorative if you prefer.  My bottle was mostly full of water with water representing rejuvenation, cleansing, tranquility, etc.  The human body is also comprised mostly of water, so it made a lot of sense for a health spell.  I added different small stones (like stone chips) based upon their metaphysical properties.  The only other contents I added were a few drops each of four different essential oils based on their health improving qualities.  I put the cap back on the bottle and stated the purpose for the spell.  I then said to the Divine “With your blessing and no harm done, as I will it, so mote it be.”  I gave the bottle a little shake (I suppose to help activate it) and placed it on a windowsill for charging.  Its placement will be on my altar whenever it is not charging.

I wish you successful casting.  Blessed be, y’all.

Transmuting Energy

Some of you may recall that last year I started reading The Temple of Shamanic Witchcraft by Christopher Penczak.  The book hasn’t been read much over the past few months as I seemed to be in somewhat of a spiritual hibernation.  I decided to open the book this morning and I read a little section about transmuting energy.  The author points out that magickal practitioners tend to shield against negative energy while shamans tend to transmute energy (He specifically mentioned Andean shamans).  The difference for the practitioner is that shielding energy can leave it waiting for “a moment to strike”, and transmuting it helps us reduce that feeling of having to be on guard against negative energy.  The shamanic approach discussed by Penczak calls for us to transmute (meaning transform) that negative energy into neutral or healthy energy.  The method given in the book is “eat” the energy by letting our spiritual stomach process it.  The spiritual stomach is described as an area of our auric field that filters energy.  The process in a nutshell is to:

  1.  Focus your attention to enter a light meditative state.
  2. Ground yourself imagining you have roots connected to the earth.
  3. Imagine the edge of your aura in front of your solar plexus as expanding or opening.
  4. Draw in the unwanted dense energy through that opening.
  5.  Feel the energy breaking down and separating into its basic components, and think “neutralize” to help the process along.
  6. You should be able to notice refined energy separate from dense energy.  You can absorb the refined energy to help fuel you.  Send the dense energy into the earth through the roots you have imagined.
  7. Focus to bring your energy back to a normal state and close the auric opening.

The process I am accustomed to is simpler than this.  I simply ask for Divine to neutralize the energy and transmute it into positive energy.  To each their own.   Blessed be, y’all.


Elemental Breathing

I learned elemental breathing last night.  I have had breathing problems pretty much my whole life.  It varies in severity throughout the year.  I have been breathing comfortably for the past few months until within the past few days.  Chest congestion can easily lead to bronchitis for me.  My humidifying diffuser is back in action and spouting off a eucalyptus-infused mist.  The window is raised to let fresh air inside my room, and now I have elemental breathing to add to the mix.  Although this type is breathing is a spiritual exercise, I see no reason why it can’t help improve my health.  Deep breaths of country air are great for the respiratory system.  My experience with this practice so far is that it really seems to help with grounding and my breaths grew more impressive as the exercise progressed.  The mudras kind of hurt my hands after a while when as defined as Anni’s (the YouTuber), so my hands were more relaxed.  Here is the video.  Please let me know your experience if you give this a try.  Blessed be, y’all.

Beauty Box

Persephone’s Box of Beauty. –

I am putting one of these together.   It will have no photo for now since I lack printer ink, but the intention will be the same.  I will also be creating this for improved health.  Health and beauty go hand in hand after all. 

My Altar


I have finally posted a photo of my altar on here.  I changed it up a bit today in celebration of Spring.  I realize dreamcatchers usually go over a bed, but currently I have posters taking up that wall space.  The necklace underneath the dreamcatcher is one I made with what seems to be moonstone chip beads and an abalone shell pendant.  It is in the altar space because wearing it makes me feel like a pretty pretty priestess.  :-p  The crystals on the altar are clear quartz, apophyllite with stilbite, green calcite, stilbite, and mica (behind the candle).  The box in the middle is my tarot box.  The little box in front of the faux sunflowers holds meditation balls.

The Witch You Were Meant to Be

I just had to share this video from one of my favorite YouTubers.  🙂

I love the message of this video.  There are certainly “witchy” things I do not/am not able to do.  I also believe that need and passion play a role in the success of magickal and spiritual works.

I’d like to add that doing things simply does not make you less of a witch.  Some witches love doing elaborate spells and rituals.  They may use five candles, a bell, a chalice,  and an athame.   That is great if it works well for them.  Others may simply light a working candle and focus on intention.  I admit I tend to lean toward simplicity.  I posted last year describing a night when I basically called a board meeting with spirit guides.  You should do what works best for you.

Blessed be, y’all.

Springtime Jolliness


Spring officially started a few weeks ago.  It started really feeling like Spring within the past few days.  With seed planting and the appearance of hummingbirds, I can tell you that I feel the bliss of my namesake.  Persephone rises joyously from the underworld when springtime pops up.  I am feeling that joy.  I saw my first hummingbird of this year yesterday.  My jaw dropped and I gasped.  Every time I see a hummingbird I feel like a child opening up a gift to discover exactly what she wanted.  Some may say I am easily amused, but I will spend mornings in front of my window patiently waiting for a hummingbird to show up.  I observe other birds as well.  Their various songs mingle together to form a natural symphony.  Birdsongs bring me such contentment.  This is undoubtedly my favorite season.  I hope all of you readers are enjoying the season as well.  Blessed be, y’all.

“Witches Who Do Not Witch”

The title of this post was a YouTube topic a while back.  There seemed to be irritation from some witches based on their belief that others claiming to be witches were not “witching.”   There is a problem that arises with this perception of witchy superiority:  If you feel that your way of “witching” is right and someone else’s way is wrong, you might be too prideful or closed-minded.  There is so much variation among witches.  This ranges from how they worship, Whom they worship, rituals, interpretation of Magic(k), etc.  Different strokes for different folks.  Just because your idea of a witch might be someone who works to make manifest his or her desires does not mean others who have a “go with the flow” approach are fakes.  There are few of us in comparison to the rest of the population.  Although many witches are solitary practitioners, I would like us to be united in our respect and support of each other.  Blessed be, y’all.