The Altar

I have been meaning to do a blog about altars likely since I started The Spirit Garden.  I will not be sharing a photo of my altar.  Quite honestly, I don’t feel like bothering with photo uploading at the moment.  I figure most people reading this have an idea of what an altar looks like or at least can google search images.  I’d like to state that the information I share is how I have come to understand the altar space and use it.  Others may have a different perspective.

An altar space can function as a shrine for devotion, a decorative reminder of our spiritual beliefs, and/or a dedicated space to perform our magickal/spiritual workings.  Altars can be various sizes and on various types of surfaces to suit the person using it.  Some examples of places one could set up an altar are on a dresser, a nightstand, a fireplace mantel, a windowsill, or a tray (if you want to be able to quickly tuck away your altar or move it around with ease).  My altar is an antique cedar chest.  I am able to store altar decorations inside of it when I change the decor according to the season.

An altar space can be very simple or elaborate.  It can be obvious or subtle depending on if a person needs to be secretive about their beliefs.  Suggestions for stealthy altar decorations are scented candles, crystals, seashells, and houseplants.  Although a person certainly does not need an altar to be devoted to his or her path (you only need yourself and faith for that), maintaining an altar can be a rewarding practice.

Blessed be, ya’ll.



3 thoughts on “The Altar

  1. We had similar ideas for alters. We both thought of storage. I concluded that a Secretary Desk would be perfect. Only they cost so much.
    A cider chest would be cheaper, but maybe someday I will run across an old fashioned Secretary Desk. I put lots of thought into what my alter should be like. I even looked at Butsudans. They don’t have any good ones on etsy right now, but here is an example of how they are set up. (They often include storage in the form of drawers inside.)
    I did not know if that was cultural appropriation so settled on a Secretary Desk. Yet, now know I can be looking out for a cider chest too.

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    1. I got my cedar chest from a silent auction for somewhere between $30 and $40 about 6 years ago. Silent auctions are good because people put in an offer they’re comfortable with but the price doesn’t get driven up from people fighting to outbid you. Unfortunately that little auction place has since closed down. If you have such a place in your area, you might be able to find your desk there.

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