Blogging vs YouTube for the New Ager or Pagan

I am definitely guilty of spending more time browsing YouTube than WordPress.  It is so refreshing to watch proud witches and crystal enthusiasts share what they know.  Just one example of a pagan YouTuber I enjoy watching is MIRTHandREVERENCE.  This woman has been a practicing Wiccan since the 70s.  Listening to her talk about magickal topics is the closest thing I can get to having a witchy granny give me lessons.  I wish she was my neighbor.  The appeal of “the next best thing to having pagan/new age friends” is what draws me to the YouTube pagans.  I occasionally leave comments below videos.  More often than not I get no reply to them, but I obviously like to share my thoughts.  I sometimes feel a longing to be a part of that community.  People separated by hundreds of miles come together virtually almost as if they were in a circle together.  It almost seems as if they are sitting around a table in the same room having a discussion.

I, however, am a person that doesn’t always express myself in the best manner when being vocal.  I am also mostly in the broom closet in my life outside of the web.  I am on the Bible belt, and waving a “HEY, I’M A WITCH!” flag around for people I know to possibly stumble upon is not the brightest idea.  I do have a profile picture on WordPress that was taken some years ago.  As we know though, the profile pictures are fairly small and WordPress simply does not have the reach that YouTube has.  The lesser popularity of blogging compared to vlogging acts like a security blanket.  Another plus of blogging is that I express myself better with the written (or rather typed) word.  There is a sense of community between pagans and new agers on WordPress, but it doesn’t seem as strong as it is on YouTube.  Perhaps I just have not put enough effort in lately to make and keep connections on here.  Is this a common dilemma for similar bloggers?

I would be glad to be a part of an online circle (for lack of a better term).  I don’t need anybody else to do a spell for me or anything like that.  I am a solitary practitioner.  However, it would be nice to have like-minded people provide feedback and share their spiritual experiences.  It might also be interesting to exchange tarot readings for practice and an outside perspective.  I can currently only think of one person that consistently comments and/or likes my posts.  I take responsibility for this to at least some extent.  To sum this up, I request that anybody who is interested in developing such a network of interaction leave a comment and subscribe to this blog.


5 thoughts on “Blogging vs YouTube for the New Ager or Pagan

  1. I’ve been online friends with Anni for years since we’ve done the Pagan Perspective together. I’ve found YouTube as a great way to connect with other Pagans and Christo-Pagans alike. I’ve had one instance where someone stumbled onto my videos but have finally gotten to the point that I have to do what’s best for me and that meant doing videos. I do like to write as well so that’s turned into blogging for me recently. I’m still easing into the blogging thing but hopefully it’ll be something that will also connect me to more Pagans and Christo-Pagans in the future.

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    1. I am not too familiar with the term Christo-Pagan, but I have posted in the past that Christainity has influenced my beliefs. I tend not to label myself with a particular religion aside from having identified with UU doctrine although never having been to a UU church.


      1. I am not one for labels either. I’ve found that they tend to restrict me more than they should. Christo-Paganism for me is just a label that means I honor and work with Christ as a deity but my practice is also very Pagan based. For me it’s a blending of the two religious practices. But just like with any Pagan based practice the meaning from one person to another can vary greatly.

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  2. I express myself better in writing too. There is a circle of New Agers, whom I have noticed often comment on each others blogs. And another circle which reblogs one another. These circles can include Lightworks, Pagans, and Starseeds. For a long time I was on the outside looking in on the different practices. I did consider being pagan, to the point I emailed a local pagan meetup. I never was emailed back. I guess I didn’t seem sure enough in the email, as I was still dealing with Catholic school teachings.

    Have you contacted, Loki’s Little Hippie Witch? Laura Bruno also seems to have some pagan beliefs.

    I believe that terms like Lightworker, Pagan, Starseed, Wander, Old Soul, Hybrid, etc are all ways those who have always felt outside of society come to understand themselves. I think in many ways, they are the same group of people with different practices.

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