Gendered Celestial Bodies and Divine Energies

A common idea in the pagan community is that the sun is masculine and the moon is feminine.  I do not have this perspective.  Although I do somewhat perceive the moon as having a feminine energy, I believe this could be due to the amplification of my own female energy during the full moon.  I feel that if I were male, my masculine energy might be amplified during a full moon.  As humans, we in general seem to be effected by the lunar cycle.  For me, the moon energy is about depth, mystery, and empowerment.  The night time brings an energy of introspection and the moon adds a glow to my soul’s discoveries.

I view the daytime as the time for observation and the appreciation of natural beauty.  The sun lights everything up in the physical world so that we can better see our surroundings.  We can look for signs from animal messengers and marvel at creation.  This is the time when I communicate to the fae as need arises.  I feel the presence of both Mother and Father during this time, just as in the night.

That all being said, some might wonder how I differentiate the Masculine and Feminine Divine energies.  I will describe my perspective the best I currently can.  I think of Mother as a more talkative parent.  She likes to make Herself known and make sure I am paying attention.  She sweeps in with a “HELLO DEAR!” when Her presence is requested.  She may even present Herself with a particular appearance or name during meditation.  Father is a fairly quiet presence.  He is like that sweet and strong Daddy that listens to me and replies with a wink or a nod.  A “Hello” from Him is like a gentle hand on my shoulder.  I am yet to see Him with a defined appearance or particular name.  Does anyone else reading this have a similar perspective?  I am curious to know other people’s views on this topic.


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