“Witches Who Do Not Witch”

The title of this post was a YouTube topic a while back.  There seemed to be irritation from some witches based on their belief that others claiming to be witches were not “witching.”   There is a problem that arises with this perception of witchy superiority:  If you feel that your way of “witching” is right and someone else’s way is wrong, you might be too prideful or closed-minded.  There is so much variation among witches.  This ranges from how they worship, Whom they worship, rituals, interpretation of Magic(k), etc.  Different strokes for different folks.  Just because your idea of a witch might be someone who works to make manifest his or her desires does not mean others who have a “go with the flow” approach are fakes.  There are few of us in comparison to the rest of the population.  Although many witches are solitary practitioners, I would like us to be united in our respect and support of each other.  Blessed be, y’all.


2 thoughts on ““Witches Who Do Not Witch”

  1. True enough, Persephone Rose. We see threads of fundamentalism in all ‘belief systems’. It’s true, though … over many generations and centuries, times and cultures, there have been diverse ways of working with the energy of Life, on behalf of Life (we hope, lest it be sorcery). Beautiful. Blessings, Jamie

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  2. Just as long as you have Magick in your life. If you could create a way for solitary practitioners to still feel solitary while being part of a group… others have done this and gotten rich. Sage Goddess is starting a line of products for stores. There was a witch in Japan who would record rituals to be played by solitary witches at Magickal times (like Full Moon) etc. So they could be at home, alone, and feel part of a group ceremony. I am sure there are internet groups for solitary witches out there. My observation is they can be costly.


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