Springtime Jolliness


Spring officially started a few weeks ago.  It started really feeling like Spring within the past few days.  With seed planting and the appearance of hummingbirds, I can tell you that I feel the bliss of my namesake.  Persephone rises joyously from the underworld when springtime pops up.  I am feeling that joy.  I saw my first hummingbird of this year yesterday.  My jaw dropped and I gasped.  Every time I see a hummingbird I feel like a child opening up a gift to discover exactly what she wanted.  Some may say I am easily amused, but I will spend mornings in front of my window patiently waiting for a hummingbird to show up.  I observe other birds as well.  Their various songs mingle together to form a natural symphony.  Birdsongs bring me such contentment.  This is undoubtedly my favorite season.  I hope all of you readers are enjoying the season as well.  Blessed be, y’all.


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