The Witch You Were Meant to Be

I just had to share this video from one of my favorite YouTubers.  🙂

I love the message of this video.  There are certainly “witchy” things I do not/am not able to do.  I also believe that need and passion play a role in the success of magickal and spiritual works.

I’d like to add that doing things simply does not make you less of a witch.  Some witches love doing elaborate spells and rituals.  They may use five candles, a bell, a chalice,  and an athame.   That is great if it works well for them.  Others may simply light a working candle and focus on intention.  I admit I tend to lean toward simplicity.  I posted last year describing a night when I basically called a board meeting with spirit guides.  You should do what works best for you.

Blessed be, y’all.


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