Elemental Breathing

I learned elemental breathing last night.  I have had breathing problems pretty much my whole life.  It varies in severity throughout the year.  I have been breathing comfortably for the past few months until within the past few days.  Chest congestion can easily lead to bronchitis for me.  My humidifying diffuser is back in action and spouting off a eucalyptus-infused mist.  The window is raised to let fresh air inside my room, and now I have elemental breathing to add to the mix.  Although this type is breathing is a spiritual exercise, I see no reason why it can’t help improve my health.  Deep breaths of country air are great for the respiratory system.  My experience with this practice so far is that it really seems to help with grounding and my breaths grew more impressive as the exercise progressed.  The mudras kind of hurt my hands after a while when as defined as Anni’s (the YouTuber), so my hands were more relaxed.  Here is the video.  Please let me know your experience if you give this a try.  Blessed be, y’all.


One thought on “Elemental Breathing

  1. Whenever I come across this post, I cannot watch the video (I am at work.) Then I forget about it only to come across it at work again. I have to say the title of the video is interesting.

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