Bottle Spell

I got an idea for a spell this morning as I was thinking about the need for improved health in a loved one.  I’m guessing plenty of others have done a similar spell, so I don’t claim to be original here.  I did this spell with my own specific intention of improving someone’s health, but you could easily adjust it with your specific intention.  You can surely adjust wording to compliment your beliefs and preference too.  I believe in God and Goddess.  I also don’t usually feel the need for rhyming or being fancy.  This is a general guideline for a simple spell.  Note I felt a need for this spell.  I believe a spell is much more likely to work if there is a real need for it.

What you will need:

  • a bottle (a glass bottle if you are using essential oils)
  • contents for the bottle that represent what your spell needs to bring
  • a clear intention


Focus on your intention for each item as you add it to the bottle.  I addressed Father and Mother (this can be done in the mind or aloud).  I used a small glass bottle that previously contained syrup.  You can use something more decorative if you prefer.  My bottle was mostly full of water with water representing rejuvenation, cleansing, tranquility, etc.  The human body is also comprised mostly of water, so it made a lot of sense for a health spell.  I added different small stones (like stone chips) based upon their metaphysical properties.  The only other contents I added were a few drops each of four different essential oils based on their health improving qualities.  I put the cap back on the bottle and stated the purpose for the spell.  I then said to the Divine “With your blessing and no harm done, as I will it, so mote it be.”  I gave the bottle a little shake (I suppose to help activate it) and placed it on a windowsill for charging.  Its placement will be on my altar whenever it is not charging.

I wish you successful casting.  Blessed be, y’all.


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