Sometimes Living in the Moment is Not Easy

I usually take things day by day and try not worry about the future.  I just appreciate the blessings I have and have faith that things will work out well.  However, sometimes I have days like today.  Today I find myself concerned over what career I should be in.  I admit that I am currently unemployed and living with my Dad because of transportation issues.  I am going to be 29 this year and have very little money to my name.  I worry about how long it will be before I can afford my own home.  I worry about being able to find a career that I will enjoy and excel at.  I have tried to receive Divine guidance on the subject, but my mind enters a state of chaotic chatter instead of clarity.  I realize I am blessed in many ways and it is a privilege to not have to work for a while.  I am thankful that my Dad can afford to take care of me.  It is frustrating though to not know something you really want to know.  In the past tarot cards have served well to guide me.  However, there are no tarot cards with career descriptions.  I do not want to be someone who works a job they dislike and barely makes ends meet.  I want to know in what career I can best help others while helping myself.  They say follow your passion, but my passion would be to work at a new age store.  We have no new age stores nearby.  The job market for sales associates at new age stores is not exactly staggering either.  I also doubt they pay much above minimum wage.  I know the career dilemma is a common one.  There isn’t much point to this post other than for me to vent and assure others dealing with the same issue that they are not alone.    Blessed be, y’all.


One thought on “Sometimes Living in the Moment is Not Easy

  1. We are in similar boats. There must be a job for you. Perhaps there is a spell and meditation you could discover/create, for those who are having trouble following their passion. Even anonymous, there might be ways you can think of following your joy that can provide income. Perhaps you need to look at other areas of joy.

    If you like gardening, try a garden house job. If you are an artist, try selling work at a local cafe/gallery. If you like coffee, perhaps you would enjoy learning how to make all the different drinks. If you like candy, find a candy store. If you like books, try a library.

    I am just repeating what my therapist used to say. When I could afford one.

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