Thank Goodness for My Green Calcite

I have a particular piece of green calcite I use as a tranquilizer when I am feeling anxious or overwhelmed. Today I seem to have some nervous energy wanting to spiral up, and this green calcite is helping to keep it in check. I may need to do some energy work. I am not particularly informed about working with energy, but energy manipulation is something I have recently become interested in (perhaps not for the first time). I could try a grounding visualization. I could use a pendulum to draw the excess energy out of me. I could make an intention to transmute the nervous energy into positive energy. Hmmm… What are you favorite methods for letting go of unwanted energy? Instead of just letting it go, do you ever manipulate it into useful energy? If so, how do you do that? I don’t particularly expect comments, but I am interested in the practices that work for others.


Kitchen Nightmares

This is not my usual subject matter, but it’s my blog and I will talk about whatever I want to. :-p Sometimes I like to watch Kitchen Nightmares. It baffles me how clueless people can get the backing to open a restaurant. It also baffles me that they will argue to defend themselves when Gordon gives them constructive criticism. If Gordon Ramsay says your food is shit when your restaurant is failing, ask him how to fix it instead of defending the captain that is sinking your ship. Arguing with a man you have asked to help you is like taking your paperwork to H&R Block and then telling your tax accountant that you could do a better job than him at filing your taxes. It makes no sense.

I Really Like Quartz.


Can you tell how much I like quartz?   I think it is obvious.   The stone in front is a rough garnet.  The first crystal from the left is a dow.  I have been looking for an affordable dow for quite a while.   Yay for belated birthday shopping!   😀 

Too Excited to Sleep

I am on vacation, and I am so happy to be in the mountains that I cannot sleep.   Sleep is good.  I realize feeling rested improves a vacation experience.   However, my mind is excited about seeing deer in a field, painting, consignment shopping, and my favorite store (which is of course a rock store).  I am really hoping to get some awesome garnet.  A trip to the rock store is a belated birthday gift from my Dad.  My love of crystals is so strong that I have thought of myself as “a crystal witch”.  I don’t know if anyone else has used that term, but it works pretty well for me.  I hope you lovely people have a great weekend.  Here’s hoping I get some Zs. 



I have been seeing these opal eggs at a shop since around memorial day last year, but I just didn’t have the money to get one.  $15 isn’t a load of money, but I typically just did not have that to spend when I was looking in the shop at the $0.25 tumbled stones.  Finally I had just enough spending money while there and I got one.  🙂  The nice shop lady didn’t know what kind of opal this is, but it had a little sticker on it that said Mexico.   I did some research and it appears to be cantera opal. I read that there are fakes, but hopefully that is not the case with this stone.  It certainly feels real.  Cantera opal is opal in a rhyolite matrix.  I didn’t even know rhyolite could be pink before this.  The rhyolite sphere I have is shades of green.  

I am pretty happy to have this crystal.   It has called my name (the type that is, there were maybe 6 in a display case together) every time I have seen it.  This is my first opal.  I enjoy holding it as much as I do looking at it.  *dreamy sigh*  An added sentiment is that opal is the birth stone of both of my grandmothers.  🙂 

Update: I drifted off for a short nap (was supposed to be a few hours but a heavy rain woke me) while holding this crystal.  I had a dream that I could feel the crystal’s energy causing it to spin in my hand as I was napping.   Interesting. 

A Confusing Dream

Yesterday was my birthday and Mother’s Day. I don’t know if it was by coincidence or was significant that I had this dream the morning following that double occasion. Sometimes I have dreams in which I think I have woken up and I am trying to get out of bed but find that I have not actually moved (physically) even though I felt myself moving. Basically it is like I am trying to get up for the day but my physical body is still sleeping and my astral body is sitting up separate from it and then going back into it over and over. It can be a little frustrating. This part of the dream is not what was confusing.

This time the dream came to a point in which it took a different turn from the typical dream I have. I realized in it I was projecting and felt that I needed to go with it instead of keep trying to wake up. It wasn’t the smoothest transition to full astral projection, but I was able to do it. I felt that I needed to break through a barrier (or a wall of thin barriers) and that the Goddess was waiting on the other side of that barrier. I made my way through and there She was. She was sitting on a throne I think. I believe She was wearing a dress similar to what we see in paintings of the Madonna (but it was more colorful like a kimono), and I believe She was wearing a hood and/or headpiece. As I approached, I noticed Her face kept changing from one beautiful form to another to represent different races and ethnicities. I was in awe and excited because I have never directly encountered Her in a dream. I have only ever felt Her presence in my life or envisioned Her in a meditation. The scene quickly changed to Her shutting a door in front of my face as I pleaded to know Her name and she seemed annoyed. I walked away from the door disheartened and went to my bed to lay down. There I was somehow comforted by a voice I could not understand.

I awoke confused. The Goddess as I have come to know Her would not shut me out. I don’t know why she would have been annoyed by me asking to know Her name. I have perceived Her (and still do) as being very patient and loving. I would have been satisfied in the dream with an answer as simple as Mother. It seemed that the voice comforting me was either directly from Her or from a being She sent to comfort me. I do not know if this dream has true spiritual significance, was a way for my psyche to work something out, or started out spiritual and then my psyche interfered. If anybody has potentially helpful insights, I would be interested to read them.

Birthday Rocks

I really wanted to get some new rocks for my birthday.  I am glad that wish came true.  I managed to get all of these for $9.75 total.  I am pretty happy.  The tiny crystals are Herkimer ‘diamonds’.