I have been seeing these opal eggs at a shop since around memorial day last year, but I just didn’t have the money to get one.  $15 isn’t a load of money, but I typically just did not have that to spend when I was looking in the shop at the $0.25 tumbled stones.  Finally I had just enough spending money while there and I got one.  🙂  The nice shop lady didn’t know what kind of opal this is, but it had a little sticker on it that said Mexico.   I did some research and it appears to be cantera opal. I read that there are fakes, but hopefully that is not the case with this stone.  It certainly feels real.  Cantera opal is opal in a rhyolite matrix.  I didn’t even know rhyolite could be pink before this.  The rhyolite sphere I have is shades of green.  

I am pretty happy to have this crystal.   It has called my name (the type that is, there were maybe 6 in a display case together) every time I have seen it.  This is my first opal.  I enjoy holding it as much as I do looking at it.  *dreamy sigh*  An added sentiment is that opal is the birth stone of both of my grandmothers.  🙂 

Update: I drifted off for a short nap (was supposed to be a few hours but a heavy rain woke me) while holding this crystal.  I had a dream that I could feel the crystal’s energy causing it to spin in my hand as I was napping.   Interesting. 

3 thoughts on “Opal

  1. Yay! I have many egg gemstones. I am drawn to the eggs. The perfect representation of New Possibilities.

    Yesterday, I had a dream that energy was coursing through my spine, and the sound of a drill was entering the top of my head sending energy downward. In my dream I placed my hands on the top of my head and there was a huge hole in my skull. At that spot the bone was soft tissue. Kind of like a baby has soft tissue in their skull that later hardens to bone.

    I couldn’t help with your dream. I am horrible with interpreting dreams. I pick the details of the dream, and look the dream meaning for that item up online.

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