Full Moon Crystal Charging



6 thoughts on “Full Moon Crystal Charging

  1. I am unsure how my roommate would feel having crystals across the balcony, so I use Salt water soaking, and requesting help from Angels/Faeries in meditation/prayer to recharge batteries of crystals. It seems so much more simple to just let them soak in the power of the Moon. I started out doing Sun Soaks (when I was home alone) before I learned that could fade some kinds of crystals.

    Sadly some of my crystals (I don’t know which yet) want to be sent to you. They will have to tell me which ones.

    You see I only passively use my crystals most the time, to clear energy in my room. I started collecting them to keep in my pillow case when I had sleep problems, but my roommate’s child discovered those when he was three. So I had to move my crystals to hiding. I would sometimes pull out one shaped like an egg, and tell him it was a dragon egg. (Wanted to open his imagination a little without over stepping into teaching Lightworker concepts.)

    Some of my crystals however, are not content to be hidden away. They are looking for someone whom would use them more actively. Since I learned you Love crystals, yet do not have as many as you would like, at least one crystals has been wanting to be sent to you.

    It might be time to pull out my pendulum and ask my crystals if they want to be sent one by one. Yet, first I need your approval. There are two ways of sending them to you.

    I could just ask if they want to go, and find someone to give them to on the understanding that person would give them to someone else, etc. Until they somehow reached you. There is a certain Magical Faith in this process, but it could take a long time for the crystals to reach you.

    Or you could email me, at peacenowflower(at)gmail(dot)com. I am not sure if the internet still has bots that will spam you if you write email addresses the normal way.

    Either way, the crystal will be sent if you approve of either process. I just am hoping that not too many will want to leave me.

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    1. It was a treat for me to be able to charge them like that. I can’t do that at home because we don’t have an outdoor sitting area and I pretty much would have to go out to the road to see the moon because of the tree line. Some people leave crystals outside on their own to charge, but I worry that an animal will wander off with one or that I won’t wake up early enough and the sun will fade them. When I put them in my windowsill at home to charge it is more for indirect moonlight and intention. I take them out of the windowsill before I go to bed to prevent the sun from shining on them long if I sleep late. You have to be careful about charging them with the water and salt. That can corrode some crystals so you have to research before you do that. I don’t have selenite (except encased in a resin pendant), but i know it can’t be kept in water. I also use prayer to charge them sometimes. The sun charging is probably a common thing for crystal users to try and then learn about fading after. That is how it was for me. I feel it is still good for clear quartz though.

      Most of my crystals are passively used most of the time. I keep most of them out on shelves or my altar. I have many around my pothos plant to bring it good health. I like having them on display though, arranged however I feel called to arrange them at the time. I feel like they improve the energy of a room and help dedicate areas. I keep my peacock ore at my art desk because the colors are meant to inspire creativity for me. I have some that I regular hold though. Others I hold randomly when I feel compelled to do so. I have some put away though and switch them out with others from time to time. I appreciate the offer to send me a crystal. I would be glad to accept. Just wanted to make sure you are still okay sending it knowing that it may be used as more of an environment enhancer than something I keep on my person. I will send you an email. I thank you for your kindness and am glad you think I am worthy of receiving a member of your crystal family. Also, the thing about the dragon’s egg is cute. I share a love for crystals with my little nephew and show mine to him. He has a collection from pan mining. For him it is just about them being cool looking and the fun of panning. If you are worried about your crystals not feeling appreciated enough, I would recommend just bringing them out even once a week and taking time to hold them each for a few minutes. Blessed be. 🙂

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      1. Quite a few crystals wanted to be given away. I must respect the view of the crystals. Some wanted to be given to someone else, but most to you. I might be moving so I guess it will be good to have less crystals, but it might take me a while to send them. (Need a box, etc)

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        1. No hurry. Perhaps after you move some different crystals will find their way to you. I would recommend tumbled/polished malachite as a crystal for you to check out. It is about giving courage for new adventures/change if I recall correctly. The raw form is toxic, if accidentally ingested. I think their is a powderiness to it in it’s unpolished form, so best to stay safe.

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    2. P.S. If I had a balcony with direct moonlight, I would probably dedicate a box for the purpose of charging crystals and put the crystals I want to charge in it, then sit that box out on the balcony over night. It would protect the crystals from the sun and charge them inconspicuously.

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