Thank Goodness for My Green Calcite

I have a particular piece of green calcite I use as a tranquilizer when I am feeling anxious or overwhelmed. Today I seem to have some nervous energy wanting to spiral up, and this green calcite is helping to keep it in check. I may need to do some energy work. I am not particularly informed about working with energy, but energy manipulation is something I have recently become interested in (perhaps not for the first time). I could try a grounding visualization. I could use a pendulum to draw the excess energy out of me. I could make an intention to transmute the nervous energy into positive energy. Hmmm… What are you favorite methods for letting go of unwanted energy? Instead of just letting it go, do you ever manipulate it into useful energy? If so, how do you do that? I don’t particularly expect comments, but I am interested in the practices that work for others.


One thought on “Thank Goodness for My Green Calcite

  1. To recognize that you naturally transmute negative energy to positive. Like lead to gold. So any negative being that comes to you is ultimately asking to be transformed by you natural power to gold. I blast negatively with love/light. Those negative beings that are not ready just stay away from me.

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