Crystal Inquiry

I have three related questions I would like my readers to answer:

  1. What is your favorite type of crystal? (You may also mention your favorite form of that crystal if you have a preference.)
  2. What metaphysical properties or energy do you associate with that crystal?
  3. How do you personally work with that crystal?

Thanks in advance to those who chose to satiate my curiosity by taking this mini survey.  Also, if you can’t narrow your choice to one type of crystal, feel free to mention multiple favorites.


Phone Update

​Turns out I hated the Windows operating system on a phone.  I couldn’t even get a decent WordPress app.  I am returning that phone and have decided just to order an external battery wall charger and an extra phone battery.  I will just have to take the battery out of my Galaxy phone when it needs to be charged and use my second battery while the other charges.   Hopefully all goes well with it.  I also hope all of you are doing well.

Mobile WordPress

I usually use my laptop to post to my blog. However, I usually view the reader and post quick comments/responses from the mobile app. I don’t like having my laptop open all day, and it is so convenient to just pick up my phone and check it when I hear that notification sound. However, my phone recently decided its charging port had had enough abuse over the years and was no longer going to work. I was able to rig a charge onto the battery thanks to guidance from a youtube video in order to make sure I could transfer all of my pictures and my Beats Antique soundtrack onto the micro SD card. There were three choices all reliant on having a small budget to work with:

1. Get a direct battery charger that requires you to take the battery out of the phone every time you charge it.

2. Try to find a tech who could fix it inexpensively.

3. Find the cheapest good phone I could find, be it refurbished or gently used. Surpassing like $50 really was not an option.

Luckily number 3 seems to have panned out. I am waiting for my phone to arrive and hopefully it works beautifully with no problems. It was an unpleasant surprise to discover that phone companies no longer offer free or inexpensive phones with the signing of a new contract. Even qualifying for an upgrade the cell carrier wanted me to pay installments of like $25 a month for 30 months. Paying on a phone for 30 months is an insane notion to me. Also, the deductible they wanted to replace the phone that has had insurance for 3 or 4 years was nuts to me. I will be canceling mobile insurance. All that said, I wanted y’all to know I am not on a hiatus. I am just waiting for a new (to me) phone. Blessed be, y’all.

Summer Solstice Full Moon

Midsummer Eve by Edward Robert Hughes

I just want to point out that tonight’s full moon becomes a Summer Solstice full moon after midnight.  🙂  I believe it is time to light my Virgin of Guadalupe candle I got to represent The Goddess.  I am also going to take advantage of the doubly special (and rare) energy of this occasion by doing a mass charge of my crystals. The full moon will presumably not occur during the Summer Solstice again until 2062.   Full moon and solstice blessings to you all!

P.S.  This is my 100th post!  😀

Crystals for Replenishment

Many of us are easily effected by the negative emotions of others. Another’s anger, self-loathing, hopelessness, etc. seeps into us and takes a toll.  That emotional toxin can disturb us in many ways, not just by affecting how we feel emotionally.  Chances are you have noticed how emotions affect the physical body.  Many “inspirational” posts that show up in social media tell us that we should cut people out of our life if they challenge our peace.  While this is true if you are dealing with an abusive romantic partner or a friend who constantly takes and never gives anything back, this advice is hogwash much of the time.  There are road ragers, disgruntled coworkers, and generally nasty people that we will encounter unless we stay hidden in a cave (and even then unpleasant people may find us.)  You can’t simply say “I will cut road ragers out of my life” unless you intend to never go onto a road again.  Practicality often will not allow you to cut a disgruntled coworker out of your life.  There is also the fact that many times it is our loved ones that are draining us without actually being abusive.  Look at the average mom of a toddler.  She is about to pull her hair out half of the time.  That doesn’t mean she should just put her kid up for adoption.  You shouldn’t stop being friends with someone because they have been diagnosed with depression.  You shouldn’t cut a loving parent out of your life because they have a tendency to disagree with you.  Part of living is learning how to deal with unpleasantness in a healthy way instead of running away every time we face a challenge.  One way that I cope with emotional toxins is by handling crystals.  I may put a crystal over my heart while lying on my back.  I may wear crystal jewelry, or a may hold a crystal and use it as a worry stone.  If a crystal is fairly large, I may simply rest a hand on it.  You may discover by trial which crystals work best for you.  What works for me may not be what works for you.  However, if you wish to try the crystals I use to replenish myself when emotionally taxed, they are:

  • Green calcite- This is my stone to clear away anxiety and stress.  If my nephew has driven me up a wall and I am about to scream, this is the crystal I am most likely to grab.
  • Rose quartz- This is a stone of love.  When I am faced with someone who is angry and has me on the verge of tears (I can be pretty sensitive), this is a stone that can help soothe me.  It can provide the crystal energy version of a hug.

I’d like to point out that even though I have told you the types of my go-to crystals to deal with negative emotions, I’d like to point out that all crystals of the same type do not work equally for me.  I have 5 pieces of green calcite, but only one of them is my go-to.  Holding that one particular piece works for me the way that anxiety pills might work for others.  My large chunk of rose quartz seems to help me more than my rose quartz seer’s stone (which is a type of cut, I don’t actually use it for scrying).  I feel as though the type of crystal is a guideline and the individual crystal choice is more personal.  Anybody who intuitively selects crystals in a shop can tell you that they may hold four different crystals of the same type and choose the one that they seem to feel a connection with.  I hope some readers are helped by this post.  Blessed be, y’all.

Morning Yoga

As a part of my subtle lifestyle change, I have gotten back to starting my day with yoga.  I have now incorporated elemental breathing while I am in half lotus pose.  It really is a nice way to ground by bringing my conciousness to my body.  That is the bonus of the yoga as its primary purpose for me is to help me get in better shape.  Another bonus of yoga is that different positions can help with different issues.  Last night I used the standing forward bend to help get rid of a migraine (along with my normal approach to staving off a migraine).  Blessed be,  y’all.