Magick, Dedication, and Gaining Health

I need to lose some weight and be better hydrated.  I am someone that loves relaxing and is in no way a busy body.  My chill attitude does not inspire me to get off the couch and get moving.   When I was younger my dissatisfaction with the appearance motivated me to exercise even though I weighed like 30 or 40 lbs less then.  With age, I have come to love my body and be thankful for it whether I am 150 lbs or 190 lbs.  On one hand, this is good.  On the other hand, this seems to contribute to my lack on motivation.  After watching Erick Silvermoon talk about his 33 days of dedication to The Morrigan, I got the idea to try a more spiritual approach to becoming healthier. 

I have put my beauty box (mentioned in a previous post) in the middle of a simple crystal grid.  I have taken notice of the relationship between our prana/aura and health.  Thus, I am exploring energy cleansing as part of a system of health improvement.  On the more practical side of things, I am making sure I drink water every day and limit my soda intake to maybe 3 or 4 per week.  I am also doing short exercise sessions.   Even though I said I need to lose some weight,  I am not tracking the number.  I have found that can be poisonous to my success.  I will instead keep track of how comfortably I fit in my jeans and the reduction of lethargy.  I am not sure yet what other ways I can weave spirituality into this process of dedication to my health.  Maybe I will look into rituals for health blessings.  It would have to be a simple ritual using supplies I already have.  Maybe I will create my own ritual. 

Blessed be, y’all.


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