Swooshy Hair Mistake

Tonight I learned to always have my hair up when doing yoga around the cat.   Swooshy hair lead to a minor attack.  My lip is suffering the consequence. 


4 thoughts on “Swooshy Hair Mistake

  1. Hope you get better. My nephew fell off the Monkey Bars on Thursday, and fell on his face. He has been healing, but nothing the body cannot heal by itself. We went to the Doctor to make sure he was fine. The Doctor said to not even cover up the cuts, so they can heal faster in open air.

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      1. Good to put peroxide on it, because cats claws are designed to carry bacteria. Little scratches from them (I’m told) can led to big infections. I have never gotten an infection from a cat scratch, but I read articles. There is bacteria in the teeth too that can make their bites infectious. I don’t think a cat as ever bit me to the point of breaking skin. My sisters cat used to give Love Bites (as the internet calls them.) Little bites that are not hard or mean.


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